Governor Moonbeam Promises a California Space Program To Rescue the Planet from Trump


This week we’ve watched scientists of the apocalyptic global warming persuasion become the latest interest group to believe they will be destroyed by Donald Trump once he’s inaugurated next month. California’s Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown told a gathering of scientists that he is coming to their rescue. Harkening back to the ideas that earned him his nickname, Brown promised California will launch satellites of its own if Trump shuts any of the satellites currently gathering climate data.


Professional climate alarmists are concerned that Trump and his administration will shut down all the NASA and NOAA programs they rely upon for free data to make predictions about how badly mankind has destroyed the planet.

In November, a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump suggested the incoming administration would eliminate NASA’s earth-science programs.

That would mean failing to launch, shutting down, or turning over the suite of satellites that provide the trove of data NASA releases about the Earth and its land, oceans, and air. That data set is critical for tracking hurricanes, coastal erosion, glacial melting, land use, wildfires, and even the approach of solar storms. Scientists across disciplines — and the world — have since told Business Insider that such a move would hurt their ability to do research.

Speaking to the American Geophysical Union, “Moonbeam” reportedly delivered a real fire and brimstone sermon about climate change.

California Gov. Jerry Brown gave a fiery speech on climate change policy on Wednesday, during which he said, “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

I’m not sure California voters all knew they were signing on for that sort of endeavor but it shouldn’t surprise them.


Brown also proposed a California satellite during his first tenure as governor, more than four decades ago, earning the nickname “Governor Moonbeam.”

So it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that when Brown said, “We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight,” the audience roared with applause.

I still think this is all just irrational panic but now I sort of hope Trump does shut down these satellites. It could help jump start more private sector space exploration. I can’t help but be amused by how all the hard left proponents of big centralized government are suddenly afraid of what they’ve created.

Ad astra!


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