Is GQ exploiting Keith Olbermann's mental Illness?


Leftist bomb-thrower and sometimes sports commentator Keith Olbermann has worked for a lot of media outlets. ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV, now GQ. He’s like the media version of a crazy uncle that comes to live with you until you just can’t handle breaking up one more heated argument between him and the neighbors’ labradoodle, so you pawn him off on your second cousin who you never really liked anyway.


GQ may have a handle on how to deal with crazy Uncle Keith—they have him doing a web series which Keith presumably shoots in his bathroom, where his interaction with others can be kept to a minimum. Since the election he has been doing a web show called The Resistance. If you haven’t seen The Resistance you are missing a genuine spectacle.

Since Donald Trump became President-elect, we have seen our share of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Olby’s case of TDS is so severe it’s difficult to tell sometimes if you’re watching a leftist political commentary or an over-the-top Second City Television parody of Network featuring Eugene Levy in the Howard Beale role.

The GQ playlist on YouTube has eleven episodes so far and is described this way:

One of the most provocative voices in American politics is back! As GQ’s Special Correspondent, Keith Olbermann turns his eye to the 2016 presidential election in “The Resistance,” a series of political commentary and special interviews that’s unlike anything else on the internet or on television.

It’s definitely unlike anything else on television, mainly because television networks want people to watch their channels but on the internet The Resistance is just one among a multitude of series featuring shrieking paranoia and exaggerated melodrama—some of which may also be shot in Keith Olbermann’s bathroom.

The Resistance began with predictable enough topics, boilerplate Democrat talking points and criticism of Trump that might even have some common ground with people on the right who dislike Trump. The title graphics are warmed over internet grunge safety pinned to a flag. The early webisodes had titles like “Should We Give Donald Trump a Chance?” and “No, This is Not Normal Pre-Presidential Behavior.” Keith has really upped his game lately though.


Behold episode 11 of The Resistance where Keith seriously asks “Is There A Russian Coup Underway in America?” (Spoiler: Yes, and Trump is already building the gulags.)

I won’t delve into how the left has zero credibility when it comes to recognizing Russia as a threat or otherwise dissect the content of Olbermann’s rant. I just want you to take it in as a performance. Is it actually real? Is this a human being hired by a huge magazine to do political commentary on the Internet? I have to be honest, part of me wonders if this is all just an elaborate gag being played or a piece of really weird performance art.

I’ve considered that perhaps he’s trying to do a parody of what he perceived to be the right’s reaction to Obama’s election. That would explain the highly exaggerated, hysterical behavior because leftists really do see us as being this crazy. I don’t think Olbermann is capable of being that cagey though. What you see is what you get.

Then I thought maybe he’s trying to follow the Glenn Beck business model. Beck made a lot of money at the beginning of the Obama administration by digging into Obama’s nefarious connections and scary cabinet members. This can’t be it. People liked Glenn Beck. I don’t think anyone likes Olbermann. I don’t think Olbermann even likes his audience. If he did he would lose his perpetual hungover homeroom teacher scowl and stop talking like Jacob Silj.


The only other explanation is that Keith is locked up in an institution and giving him access to a camera is the only distraction they’ve found that keeps him from trying to chew off his own face. GQ caught wind of it and gave him a contract—they publish his videos and compensate him with scraps of aluminum foil and Candy Crush lives. It’s either that or he actually thinks acts and talks like that.

Someone should call social services just to be sure.



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