Thousands of Feminists Prepare for 'Pussyhat Project' to Protest Trump's Inauguration

In an obvious double entendre aimed at crude comments made by President-elect Trump, a group of women in California have started the “Pussyhat Project” with the goal of having thousands of women wear pink hats with cat ears during the January 21 Women’s March on Washington.

When I first spotted this story I thought it was the next iteration of the cringeworthy feminist practice of dressing up as giant vaginas to protest the patriarchy. I suppose it is, but it’s not quite as disgusting.

A coalition of L.A.-based knitters have launched an initiative called The Pussyhat Project with the goal of making 1.17 MILLION bright pink, cat-eared (“pussy”) hats to protest Trump’s inauguration! The hats will be given to women and allies to wear at the Women’s March on Washington, as well as to folks who can’t make it to D.C. on Inauguration Day who want to demonstrate solidarity.

FACT: Absolutely nothing strikes terror into the heart of the patriarchy like coalitions of L.A.-based knitters and women dressed up as pink kittycats.

The project is distributing knitting patterns online so that women can make their own pussyhats in preparation for the event.

Sometimes it seems like on any given day some left wing interest group or another is holding a “March On Washington.” They’re really all starting to blur together, which is appropriate because when one group of lefties has a demonstration, all the lefties usually come out even if their own pet cause is completely unrelated. The Women’s March on Washington will be no different. They say as much in their Facebook event post.

This is a HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH. March from Lincoln Memorial to White House to show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march. All are welcome. This event is inclusive of all and specifically centers around those who need this support the most: people of color, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, disabled citizens, trans people, and of course women. We are child friendly. Let’s do this right. Invite your friends, family and co-workers. Spread the word! Let the world know we stand together!

Basically, it’s a march against straight white men. Yaaaawwwwn.


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