Madison Rising Goes to Court Over Violent Drinking Binges and Extramarital Affair With Senator's Daughter

If you have been active in the conservative or tea party movement in recent years, you have probably heard Madison Rising grunge-ing up the National Anthem or some other patriotic standard. Everything else tea party has pretty much imploded, so it’s fitting that the manufactured pro-America rock band is heading to court to sue its former lead singer David Bray.


The band has filed suit against original frontman David Bray, who was let go earlier this year for allegedly “exhibiting extremely aggressive and violent behavior behind the scenes, including binge drinking, becoming significantly more confrontational with other band members.”

In addition, the lawsuit claims that in Bray carried on a “lengthy” extramarital relationship with Ayla Brown, the daughter of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who was also a 2006 American Idol contestant. The suit maintains that the affair “damaged” the image of Madison Rising. At present, Ayla Brown is a professional singer married to Colorado Rockies pitcher Keith Weiser.

What’s the problem? I mean, what says “rock and roll patriotism” more than drunken fights and nailing the daughter of a Republican Senator who once posed naked for Cosmo? Actually, it appears that Ayla Brown is now divorced from Keith Weiser.

Much like a your average “boy band” Madison Rising is a top-down corporate contrivance. Entrepreneur Richard Mgrdechian conceived of the idea for a flagrantly patriotic American rock band and then cast musicians to play in the band.

The lawsuit also stresses that Bray — who lost a $78,000 annual salary as the band’s singer — has repeatedly violated a “no compete” clause by falsely portraying himself as a super-patriot and performing at what would otherwise be prime Madison Rising spots such as … well, more Donald Trump rallies. The complaint claims that Bray was specifically coached in how to “create the character and persona” of a proud American patriot, and was trained using talking points about patriotism, the military, and other topics. The damning accusation continues: “Until Mr. Mgrdechian gave Mr. Bray a character to play, he had shown no care for or musical involvement with the military, veterans, police or firefighters.”


So there were people who were only using the tea party movement as a way to earn money? I’m shocked.

Court documents further allege that Bray once bragged about beating up a pair of Pennsylvania police officers and that he “choked out” his commander while serving in the Navy. Mgrdechian also claims Bray physically attacked him upon learning that Madison Rising had not been invited to perform at the Super Bowl.

This news is so 2016.



*This post was updated to indicate that Ayla Brown is no longer married to Keith Weiser.


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