The Left Looks to Ivanka Trump as the Only Hope For America and the Planet

Overly dramatic leftists who are still reeling from Donald Trump’s election are grasping for anything that might offer a tiny shred of hope in the coming darkness of a Republican presidency. They have decided that Trump’s daughter Ivanka just might be the Cindy Lou Who to turn her Grinch father’s heart. Ivanka could be the one to deliver the nation from her father’s tyrannical plans. She might be the only one who can save the planet from climate change.

Being the offspring of the devil hasn’t yet turned Ivanka into persona non grata among the left’s elite. In September she and her husband Jared Kushner were still deemed acceptable enough to attend the “Weekend with Charlie Rose” in Aspen.

She jetted off to Aspen with her husband, Jared Kushner, to attend “Weekend with Charlie Rose,” an off-the-record gathering at which 90 percent of invitees were Trump haters.

The annual event is typically filled with Nobel laureates, former government officials, royalty from abroad, business moguls and celebrity chefs who engage in intimate foreign- and economic-policy discussions, coupled with outdoor bonding activities like tennis and fly fishing. Harvey Weinstein, who hosts the Clintons in the Hamptons, added a Hollywood touch this year.

That she hasn’t been shunned by such an exclusive left wing echo chamber is significant. We have already seen that she exerts an influence on her father. Trump’s “affordable childcare” proposal is Ivanka’s brainchild and sounds more like a plan from Nancy Pelosi than from a Republican President-elect. Since his election, Trump has softened on any number of issues he hammered on the campaign stump. The idea that Ivanka might get him to see things her way on climate change is not unthinkable.

Ivanka wants to make climate change — which her father has called a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese — one of her signature issues, a source close to her told Politico. The source said Ivanka is in the early stages of exploring how to use her spotlight to speak out on the issue.

Advocating opposition to CO2 emissions and fossil fuels will inevitably create another warring sphere of influence in Trump’s orbit: Incoming Chief of staff Reince Priebus has clarified in recent days that Trump’s “default position” on climate change is that “most of it is a bunch of bunk.”

Politico reports that Ivanka is looking for a chief of staff and that she may be playing the role normally filled by a first lady. That wouldn’t be weird at all.

On other fronts, a group called the Halt Action Group has taken hashtag activism to a new level with its creepy Instagram account named @Dear_Ivanka.

The Halt Action Group has launched an Instagram account called Dear Ivanka which strives to make his dutiful daughter, who is one of the vice executives of the Trump Organisation, wake up and listen to her father’s words.

To make the message really hit home, the group has accompanied glamourous posed photos of the soon-to-be First Daughter from her own Instagram account with captions seeking to highlight Mr Trump’s rhetoric. The site includes messages from voices which her father’s election campaign marginalised or alienated – such as American Muslims and women seeking abortions.

The posts to this account look like what you would probably expect.

(Ok maybe there’s a tiny bit of common ground here.)

As if there weren’t already enough melodrama, the Halt Action Group actually held a candlelight vigil outside of Ivanka Trump’s home on Monday night.

But Halt Action Group has done more than build their Instagram account, they have also taken their anger to Ms Trump’s very doorstep. On Monday night, they held a candlelight vigil outside the Puck Building in Manhattan, which is owned by the family of her husband, the developer and investor Jared Kushner.

The quiet, calm protest attracted renowned artists such as Cecily Brown, Ryan McNamara, Rob Pruitt, Jonah Freeman and Marilyn Minter. Protesters held signs and candles.

Halt Action Group has a website with an open letter to Ivanka on the front page.

The Dear Ivanka account links to a website,, whose front page has a picture of Ms Trump and Mr Kushner – who are both advisers to Mr Trump’s transition team. Under the headline “Ivanka, It’s not okay”, the following letter appears.

“Dear Ivanka, racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere – least of all in the White House. Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House. Hate has no place in the White House. We refuse to ‘wait and see’. We look to you as the voice of reason”.

Maybe it’s just me but these don’t seem like people who would listen to “the voice of reason” let alone seek it out.

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