VIDEO: 'And I voted for Trump! So there!' Angry Trump Voters Gone Wild

It’s not just the left wing protesters behaving badly. Some folks who voted for Trump are very eager to let people know, even if that means making asses of themselves.


On a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Allentown, PA, an unnamed man stood up and started taunting the other passengers about the election. Delta has reportedly banned the man from ever flying their airline again and has refunded the other passengers’ airfare for not ejecting the man from the flight (before takeoff, presumably).

“Donald Trump, baby,” he shouts while standing in the aisle, clapping his hands above his head.

“That’s right, this man knows what’s up,” he said pointing to one passenger. “We got some Hillary b – – – – – s on here?”

“Donald Trump is your president, every God damn one of you,” he says at the end of the 45-second video. “If you don’t like it, too bad.”

He’s probably a very nice guy when he’s not beating his wife or kicking his dog.

In a Michaels craft store in Chicago, a white female customer made a scene after black employees allegedly discriminated against her. Another customer caught the freak out on video. Something tells me this lady demands to see a lot of managers.


“And I voted for Trump! So there! What, you want to kick me out because of that?” the woman shouts in the video, which has gone viral. “And look who won! And look who won! And look who won!”

According to Grady, the Nov. 23 incident occurred at the arts and crafts store in Chicago after the woman told Grady to go ahead of her at the register. Once Grady was done checking out, she said she heard the woman grow irate. The woman’s “racist rant,” Grady said, included slurs.

We’ve been told over and over again about how people voted for Trump because they’re angry. Why are they still angry now that he won?



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