Report: Hillary Cried 'Inconsolably,' Blamed Comey and Obama For Election Defeat

Social media was rife with speculation about why Hillary Clinton did not deliver a concession speech until 11:30 am the day after the election. We’ve heard rumors about Hillary’s temper ever since she was First Lady. Stories about Secret Service Agents sworn to protect the president put in the awkward position of dealing with Hillary throwing lamps or ashtrays at the President. (What to do if the President is under threat of domestic violence probably isn’t in the Secret Service training manual. At least it probably wasn’t back then. It may be now.)


My guess about why the public concession speech was delayed so long was that after her defeat seemed imminent she was was overcome with emotion and not fit to be seen in public. After placing second to Democrat men for so long, the presidency was owed to her. Losing this election must have been like a kick in the stomach.

Ed Klein, author of several books chronicling Clinton corruption, was a guest on the Steve Malzberg show and described what a source close to Hillary told him about Clinton’s emotional state the morning after election day.

Klein’s source said that Hillary was “weeping inconsolably,” so much so that it was initially difficult to even understand what she was saying.

Eventually the source was able to make out that Hillary was blaming FBI Director James Comey and President Obama for her defeat. She blamed Obama not for lack of support on the campaign trail but for not quashing  the FBI’s investigations.

Obviously stories from unnamed sources are easy to dismiss but what Klein describes seems plausible given that Hillary’s concession speech was first scheduled for 9:30 am, then 10:30 am, then finally happened around 11:30 am. Concession speeches are typically boilerplate stuff. It didn’t take her people that long to finish writing it. It looks a lot like the long delay was needed primarily to allow Hillary to regain her composure.




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