Fight Club PAC Has 'No Fear' About Ridiculing ISIS in Hilarious New Video

Extracting humor from a terrorist execution scene is not for the fainthearted filmmaker. The orange jumpsuited victim and black masked terrorist is imagery that inspires horror and revulsion but the movie makers behind the newly formed Fight Club PAC have managed to make monkeys out of ISIS in their video entitled “No Fear.” They have created a comedy sketch reminiscent of vintage Saturday Night Live or even Monty Python.

Fight Club PAC says it’s time to change our approach to political messaging.

The creators of Fight Club PAC believe with all their hearts that, when armed with the truth, the American people will once again unite to become the most powerful force for good on the planet. They also know that, despite our increasingly “PC” culture, truth can be presented compellingly–and to a significantly larger and more diverse audience–through wit and humor. Fight Club PAC offers both facts and perspective to normal Americans who would otherwise be misled, or kept in the dark entirely, by the corporate MSM and corrupt political elite.

But it’s no longer effective to use an 8-track player to message to an iPod world. The world has changed…and so too should our tactics.

Things are changing so quickly that even iPods are somewhat passé now. In the era of DVRs and streaming video, traditional advertising no longer has the punch it once did. Most people seek their news, information, and entertainment online today and that’s something Fight Club PAC wants to exploit.

Watch ‘No Fear’ and laugh at ISIS.

Note: The first rule of Fight Club does not apply to Fight Club PAC. Tell your friends.

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