Florida Man Asks Judge to Declare Trump Incompetent

Weirdest. Election. Ever.

An attorney in Florida has petitioned a Palm Beach County Judge to declare Donald Trump “mentally incapable” to be president.

“I’m scared,” said attorney James Herb. “I don’t think he has the mental capacity to seek a job such as the president of the United States or to serve.”

Wearing at his office a Trump suit and tie made in Mexico and China respectively – “I picked these up probably within the last month at a thrift shop for ten dollars,” – Herb worries for the GOP presidential candidate.

“My concern is that Mr. Trump is, in a sense, he needs to be protected from himself.”

Translation: I’m taking advantage of this farcical election to try and get some publicity for myself.

My guess is that this attorney advertises on late night cable with commercials using bad chroma-key effects.

(But I would bet that even he knows that grabbing women by the crotch is sexual assault.)

Based on actions and statements made by the White House hopeful, Herb argues Trump meets the criteria to be diagnosed as having histrionic and narcissistic personality disorders.

What disorder makes a candidate stay married to a rapist and tear down the women he’s abused? Lets get both of these clowns disqualified.

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