Foolish Trump Donors Want Their Money Back

NBC is reporting that some GOP bundlers are asking for their money back from the Trump campaign in light of the hot mic controversy. The donors are apparently only now realizing that Trump is a low class boorish jerk.

“I cannot express my disappointment enough regarding the recent events surrounding Mr. Trump,” one donor wrote to a Trump fundraiser in an email with the subject line “Trump support withdrawal.”

“I regret coming to the Trump support event, and in particular allowing my son to be a part of it,” the donor, who had given to and raised money for Trump, said. “I respectfully request that my money be refunded.”

The problem here is that the events in question were not recent. Nor were they particularly unique in the life of Trump. Anyone with the slightest curiosity and desire to vet the GOP candidate had ample opportunity before investing their time and money in nominating or electing him. Trump and Bill Clinton are cut from the same cloth. The man bragged about cheating on his wives in the book he paid to have ghost-written.

A second donor also requested his money be returned because he is “mortified” over the leaked videotape, according to another email obtained by NBC News.

“I can not (sic) support a sexist man. I have three young children and will not support a crude sexist man,” the second donor wrote. “I expect a refund of my donation. Please process immediately and I thank you for your help.”

You’re only now realizing that you were supporting a “crude sexist man?” How did you get the money you donated in the first place? Stealing scratch-off tickets?

This bundler, who says he has raised close to $1 million for Trump, said he, too, is fed up with the nominee and has informed the Trump Victory fundraising leaders that he’s done raising money for the candidate.

“I give up. I’m totally walking out and disappointed, and the last 72 hours I have lost sleep over it,” the bundler, who was granted anonymity in order to speak freely, said in a telephone interview.

You haven’t only lost sleep. You’ve lost money. It’s gone. Like your credibility.

“I’m embarrassed. I’m really embarrassed” he said. “I shook hands with him last week and now I want to wash my hand.”

Maybe you’ve learned a lesson here. Let’s hope.

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