The Left feasts upon the blood of youth

Generation Opportunity has a new anti-Obama ad that uses a memorably creepy image to get people talking:

There has been some criticism of the ad for this disturbing imagery, but I think it’s just the ticket to appeal to the youthful appetite for sarcasm and viral media.  The campaign against ObamaCare trumpeted by this ad is based at a web site called, which delcares: “Friends don’t let friends sign up for a bad deal!  You are not required to purchase health insurance through an ObamaCare exchange!  There are cheaper, better options for young people.”


That’s an important point.  ObamaCare doesn’t really have much to do with medicine or public health.  It’s a huge bureaucratic parasite that feeds directly from the veins of young people – outrageously over-charging them for insurance products they don’t want, to pay off other constituencies, and feed the growing army of government employees.  In a rational insurance market, young and healthy people are less likely to make big claims, so they don’t need as much comprehensive coverage, and they can be charged less.  ObamaCare turns that notion on its head and milks the young for cash, so it can pay subsidies to other demographics, and absurdly bend the concept of “insurance” until it’s funding benefits to people with pre-existing conditions who are guaranteed to cost the system big money.

It’s redistribution, pure and simple.  Like all redistribution programs, it’s rough on the people who have to pay the bills without enjoying the benefits.  It makes welfare too expensive for much of the Sainted Middle Class to afford… and then turns them into hapless welfare junkies by cutting them subsidy checks.  But don’t worry, kids – you still get to pay far more than older people for car insurance, because the normal rules of actuarial logic still apply to that.

In case you teens and twentysomethings are thinking, “Well, okay, I’ll get rooked by ObamaCare today, but eventually I’ll be middle-aged, and a new crop of fresh-faced suckers will be carrying my freight, so it all balances out…” well, forget about it.  ObamaCare is designed to fail, and it’s going to collapse long before you grow old enough to take any advantage of it.  This nightmare is already running billions of dollars above its cost projections, and it hasn’t even fully launched yet.


Have you noticed how just about every ObamaCare story includes another huge mob of people thrust into the public exchanges?  Another one broke today: Home Depot is shoving 20,000 part-time employees into those taxpayer sinkholes.  “Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act precludes us from offering the limited liability medical plan we’ve been offering the part-time associates,” said the company.

The burden on those exchanges is growing far beyond anything the ObamaCare con artists promised when they put the plan together.  The national debt will blow sky-high; the system will collapse under all this weight.  You might have noticed that the other recurring ObamaCare story involves big insurance companies pulling out of the exchanges.  More demand, less supply, less competition.  You know what comes next.  Millennials are going to pay through the nose to keep the ObamaCare fraud grinding along for a few years, then find themselves staring at a decrepit single-payer socialist wasteland when they get old enough to need serious medical care.

Every aspect of our unsustainable socialist government is a bad deal for the young.  It’s all about ripping you off, spending your birthright, mortgaging your future, handing you the bill for today’s vote-buying sprees.  The economy is a flatline mess propped up by currency manipulation, which means some people are making good money in the stock market, but there aren’t any jobs for young people trying to get into the workforce.  You’re walking through an economic ghost town clutching a college degree that cost you six figures of debt, desperately hoping someone hires you as a part-time retail worker or waiter.  Behind all the tiresome populist and socialist rhetoric, the Democrat Party is all about stuffing wads of confiscated cash into the pockets of their big donors, and you college grads are not big donors.


They manipulate you with celebrity endorsements and the rhetoric of sexual liberty to get your votes, but Democrats don’t have your interests remotely at heart.  (And even that “rhetoric of sexual liberty” is starting to sound a little tinny, as ObamaCare turns doctors into government agents with an assignment to investigate your sex life.)  Everything about the Left’s agenda assumes tomorrow will never come.  Well, guess what, my young readers? You are the population of tomorrow.

The Congressional Budget Office just released a debt report that sees the entire tax-spend-and-borrow system breaking down – to the point where CBO analysts say it cannot be modeled at all – within 20 to 25 years.  We’re talking about a debt load double or triple our national Gross Domestic Product.  That means there won’t be any money to pay for all those goodies the Democrats are promising you.  The mandatory cost of servicing the debt will eclipse everything else.  The “quantitative easing” money-printing scheme will collapse long before then, and we’re being told our supposedly “robust” and “recovered” Obama economy could not survive without such monetary stimulus.  An international financial shock could touch off a crisis even sooner than the worst-case projections.

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Team Obama famously prepared a slide show called “The Life of Julia,” in which an imaginary young woman receives help from expensive government programs every step of the way, easing her into a comfortable life as a ward of the State with a nice web-design business.  Nothing in that slide show is going to exist more than ten years from now.  You will find nothing but a stack of past-due bills for today’s failed programs waiting for you when you grow up.  You won’t be running any fun boutique vanity web-design companies with a plump allowance from your kindly old Uncle Sam.


We’re gearing up for another debt-ceiling fight.  President Obama is fond of saying that we have no choice but to raise the debt ceiling, because we have to pay the big bills Congress has already run up.  “Raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt,” he explained yesterday.  “It does not somehow promote profligacy.  All it does is, it says you got to pay the bills you already racked up, Congress.”

If that sounds incredibly stupid to you, you’re thinking more clearly than the President wants you to.  But look more carefully at what he’s saying.  He’s describing a world in which the bills just keep stacking up without limit.  He’s saying today’s politicians have no authority to hit the brakes, because they have to cover all the debt incurred by their predecessors.

He’s describing the future he has in mind for you, young voters.  You will grow up mummified in debt.  You’ll be told you have no choice but to pay what your parents’ generation owes.  You’ll find a mass of faded old Obama posters covered with meaningless slogans about “hope” and “change”… mixed in with invoices you must pay, debt you cannot hope to escape, decaying government systems you can never change.  A lot of money was spent on stuff that didn’t benefit you, for purposes you never got to vote on, but you will be required to pay confiscatory taxes, and live in a world of diminished choice and opportunity.  If you object, Barack Obama’s disciples will be standing by to say no, you cannot refuse, you have to pay the big bills Congress has already racked up.


The “hope and change” crowd is already assuring us we have no hope of changing ObamaCare, no matter how badly it fails.  The Left feasts upon the blood of youth.  You will not have many more opportunities to stand up for yourselves.  Your future is being stolen.  Tomorrow grows less free with every passing day.  The horizons of possibility are contracting.  Not only is everything politicized, but the list of things you’re allowed to vote against is growing shorter.  What are you going to do about it?


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