ObamaCare suckers needed, inquire within

In the course of explaining why the White House is still spending huge amounts of time and money to convince Americans that ObamaCare doesn’t stink, even though we hate it more with every passing month, Time drops this little nugget of information:


At the White House, health care implementation has become an obsession. Chief of Staff Denis McDonough spends two hours a day on Obamacare implementation, staffers said, and senior aides like Simas and Tara McGuinness, who joined the White House in April as a senior communications adviser, work on the issue nearly full-time. Hardly a week goes by without Obama finding some way to plug the effort as well.

The reason: the law is increasingly unpopular. According to an NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll released earlier this month, 49% of Americans now believe the law is a bad idea, the highest percentage recorded, with only 37% saying it is a good thing. Many states have already opted out of key provisions to expand Medicaid. In Washington, Republicans continue to lay siege to the law; they have voted to repeal it 37 times in the U.S. House.

That unpopularity threatens one of the law’s most ambitious goals—establishing health care exchanges allowing uninsured Americans to purchase affordable coverage. The exchanges need roughly 2.7 million healthy 18-t0-35-year-olds to sign up to be solvent. The majority of that group is nonwhite and male, according to Simas’ data, and a third are located in just three states: California, Texas and Florida. If too few choose to enroll because they don’t know about the law, don’t like it, or feel they don’t need insurance, the exchanges will fail. And so will the law.


In other words, ObamaCare needs an army of young dupes to pay through the nose, in order to make this ridiculous program appear solvent while it showers other people with benefits.  It’s a wonder young folks are lining up around the block to pay those 50 to 150 percent increases in their health insurance premiums.  But instead of helping our dear leadership implement this glorious health care revolution, they’re moping around the dorm room, wondering why the old plan they liked – the one Obama promised they’d be able to keep – is dead and gone.

The latest Government Accountability Office report says ObamaCare implementation remains months behind schedule, even though the insurance exchanges are supposed to go live in just four months.  An article at the Christian Science Monitor blames some of this delay on “fierce resistance from Republican governors and members of Congress,” but those folks haven’t been doing anything but exercise options explicitly provided by the original legislation (such as states refusing to set up their exchanges) or refuse to allow even more public money to be poured into the ObamaCare black hole.

The program’s defenders have thus embarked on a “public awareness” campaign that involves the Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, stress-testing ethics laws by squeezing money out of the industries she regulates, while the sort of liberal groups that sailed right past those political watchdogs at the IRS are spending big bucks on “grassroots campaigns” to advertise the wonders of President Obama’s signature achievement.  What happens if those efforts fail, Christian Science Monitor?


Under Obamacare, insurance companies can no longer turn away people with preexisting conditions. And so a crucial aspect of implementation is getting enough young, healthy people to enroll to offset the cost of insuring older, less-healthy enrollees. The Congressional Budget Office expects some 7 million people to sign up when the exchanges open on Oct. 1, eventually reaching 22 million.

Whoops, there we go again!  Line up with your wallets open and prepare to be fleeced, young people of America!  Oh, and good luck finding a job in the ObamaCare-ravaged entry level market, where full-time career-building positions are quickly becoming quaint relics of a bygone era.

The concept of health “insurance” was long ago subverted to include all sorts of costs and benefits that have nothing to do with purchasing insurance against misfortune.  The embarrassing degeneration of ObamaCare into a wealth transfer program that feeds off healthy people is a perfect inversion of the insurance concept.  Normally, the young and hearty folks would pay a low fee for health insurance, because providers would make the reasonable actuarial gamble that most of those customers would not be filing expensive claims.  Older people with higher risks pay more.  The notion of selling “insurance” to someone with an pre-existing condition, guaranteed to make big claims, would be absurd.  Some sort of benefits for such people should be offered – the American people will insist on it – but they shouldn’t be called “insurance,” or connected with the insurance products desired by bright-eyed college students in the prime of their lives.


Instead, we’ve got another corrupt, inefficient redistribution system powered by the liquefied assets of chumps.  It’s starting to visibly panic over not being able to pump enough chumps to fill its gas tank.  And I do mean corrupt, because it’s not as if most of this money is going to doctors or medical supplies.  Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York, describes the billion dollars flowing into the California health insurance exchange as tax money laundered into Democratic party-building funds:

The Obama administration granted a whopping $910 million to California to set up its insurance exchange. That money is not for bandages, surgery, nurses and doctors to care for the sick. Nor is it for insurance plans, though $910 million could buy generous coverage for at least 113,000 people!

Shockingly, the $910 million is slated for bureaucracy, including rich compensation packages for exchange employees ($360,000 a year for the executive director) and contracts for computer equipment, public relations and “outreach. “

Outreach is the largest expenditure and where the real monkey business occurs.

Amazingly, California legislators passed a law that the exchange could keep secret for a year who received the contracts and indefinitely how much they were paid. California’s open-records laws would otherwise prohibit such secrecy.

Well, of course they need to keep those grisly details under wraps, with so many suckers still nervous about buying into the game.  McCaughey describes six- and seven-figure grants to the California NAACP, the Service Employees International Union, the AFL-CIO, and Community Health Councils, “a California organization with a long history of political activism against fracking, for-profit hospitals, state budget cuts and oil exploration.”


I can’t imagine why young people are reluctant to plow their money into a racket like this!



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