51 Million Reasons to End Federal Funded Abortions

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Pro-life activists exposed systemic abuses at Planned Parenthood. The media was outraged.

In Planned Parenthood offices all over America, activists pretending to be a pimp and an underage girl taped employees giving them advice on obtaining illegal abortions so they could get back into the sex trade as quickly as possible without running afoul of the law.


This exposure of prohibited practices inevitably helped in the February 18 vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

(Abortion prices will necessarily skyrocket)!

The lament of the media? How could conservatives want women and children to die?

Even though Planned Parenthood was the bad actor (and admitted as much by firing some of the employees caught on tape) the media’s pro-Roe bias had already begun.

One Huffington Post headline cried, “A War on Women.” (Oh no)!

The always objective Politico reported the defunding bill, “Mike Pence’s War on Planned Parenthood.” (Bombs away)!

Similarly, The Seattle Times proclaims, “Republicans Focus Attack on Planned Parenthood.”

Indeed, the American left holds few things in such high esteem as a women¹s “right” to “choose.” What is getting harder to defend is why taxpayers should foot the bill.

In fact, a 2009 Gallup Poll found that 51 percent of Americans self-identify themselves as pro-life. Again, it begs the question why more than half the country should have to subsidize a life-ending procedure they morally oppose and has already caused the deaths of 51 million unborn babies?

While some argue shutting off the taxpayer spigot to Planned Parenthood will reduce funding for counseling services, HIV testing and other reproductive health and family planning services, abortion services are there real business.


To be clear, in 1997, Planned Parenthood, according to their own fact sheet, they received $165 million from taxpayers and performed 165,174 abortions. They performed 305,310 in 2007 and received $363 million.

Noticing a pattern yet?

As taxpayer funding increased, so did the number of these abhorrent procedures.

In contrast, according to Planned Parenthood figures cited by Representative Pence and Tony Perkins in a Daily Caller commentary, the number of prenatal clients served by Planned Parenthood was less than 0.09 percent of the total services they provided in 2008. Pregnant women seeking help from Planned Parenthood were 27 times more likely to receive an abortion than receive prenatal care or be referred to an adoption service.

LifeNews.com reports Planned Parenthood performs 134 abortions for every adoption referral.

More appalling, Thatsabortion.com says 70 percent of these abortion factories are concentrated in minority neighborhoods. While black child-bearing women make up a just 3 percent of America, they comprise a heartbreaking 30 percent of abortions. Hispanic women make up a similarly disproportionate 25 percent.

It smacks of racial population control. This notion rings true considering that eugenicist Fredrick Osborn proclaimed in 1971 that “birth control and abortion are proving to be the great eugenics advances of our time.”

It seems that, just as blacks began to escape the preverbal seat at the back of the bus, a new obstacle awaits at a Planned Parenthood facility.


It’s the new civil rights issue of our time. As former governor Mike Huckabee says, the “Abortion issue trumps all.”

Meanwhile, NOW, the NAACP and The National Council of La Raza and others are not surprisingly siding with Planned Parenthood. It seems these people intend to ignore what makes sense morally to fight for what gains power politically.

It is mindboggling to no end that these self-proclaimed purveyors of unremitting compassion are instead the biggest defenders of publicly-funded abortion on demand.

Our nation is already deep in a financial abyss. In addition to our fiscal bankruptcy, must we turn a blind eye to the daily destruction of human life and become morally bankrupt as well?

* * *

Jerome Hudson is a member of Project 21 a sponsorship of the National Center for Public Policy Research. He is the editor of OurLastStand.com and can be reached at Jeromehudsonspeaks.com.


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