Kim Gardner's St. Louis: Man Casually Shoots Homeless Guy in the Head as Witnesses Do Nothing

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St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has been in the news a lot lately, and deservedly so. The Soros-backed prosecutor’s screwups allowed a violent criminal to be on the streets on February 18, where that criminal caused a horrific wreck that left a 17-year-old girl on a ventilator, both of her legs amputated. Of course, instead of admitting any of those screwups, Gardner claims that now isn’t the time for pointing any fingers.

Gardner’s St. Louis is a place where accountability is a foreign concept, whether within her office or regarding criminals. As a result, it’s become the most dangerous city in America. The senseless brutality of life in Kim Gardner’s St. Louis is captured in a video taken Monday in which a man casually and deliberately loads a gun before shooting a man in the head.

The gunman was arrested, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch won’t print his name because he hasn’t been charged by Kim Gardner’s office yet — even though the details in the story leave little doubt that he’s the man responsible for the murder.

The gunman ran from the scene, police said Tuesday. The officer who spotted him called for backup, who responded and arrested the suspected gunman while he entered the St. Louis Public Library on Olive Street, police said.

The suspect was arrested without incident and officers recovered a gun and bullet casing from him, police said.

They are particularly bothered that the video is circulating online, though:

On Tuesday a bystander video of the killing circulated online, despite social media companies including Twitter taking down several versions.

The video shows two men standing over the victim, who is sprawled on a curb on Tucker as vehicles drive by and at least one pedestrian walks past.

One of the men leaves the area while the other struggles to load a gun. The man loading the gun talks briefly on the phone, loads the gun, and shoots the victim one time in the head. The video ends with the video narrator saying, “He just (expletive) killed him!”

This is what happens when prosecutors coddle criminals instead of ensuring that they are appropriately charged, convicted, and asking for maximum punishment.

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