November's Looking Good for Republicans - If They Can Unify and Laser Focus on Messaging

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Joe Biden is doing a bang-up job of proving just how many failures a president can tally in a short period of time – and he and his handlers are giving a master class on how NOT to handle crisis messaging. Because of this, it looks like Republicans are going to blow Democrats out of the water in November. All Republicans need to do is stay united and focused and not give Biden, Pelosi, or Schumer even an inch – and the majority of them are doing just that. However, through their votes, bills introduced, or messaging screw-ups on critical issues, a frightening number of DC Republicans are undermining the party’s ability to focus on trouncing Biden and his merry band of statists.


Of course, we expect dissension from people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who continually slam their colleagues while starring as the useful idiots of the January 6 Committee. But Kinzinger has distinguished himself further, as the sole Republican in either chamber to vote to increase the debt ceiling:

“Congress last raised the debt limit in December, by enough to stave off default until after the midterm elections. Just one House Republican — Adam Kinzinger of Illinois — voted for the increase. No Senate Republicans backed it.”

One of the biggest victories the GOP has had in the Biden era is blocking the Build Back Better bill – yet Mitt Romney is still pushing his Family Security Act (which would give families with children under age 6 a monthly allowance, an idea pushed by the Never Trump Niskanen Center), and could be receptive to a deal with Democrats on Build Back Better to get that passed. Not only would that be terrible for the country; Romney’s actions would have the effect of emphasizing the media and Democrat narrative that Republicans don’t care about children once they’re outside the womb.

At least Romney’s not voting for Biden’s judicial nominees more than 80 percent of the time, as his colleagues Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are. Over the last six years we’ve had a renewed appreciation for the importance of judicial appointments at every level of the federal judiciary, yet those two have been fairly reliable “yes” votes for Biden’s radical nominees. And then we have Lindsey Graham, whose positions continue to shift with the wind, voting for Biden’s nominees more than 50 percent of the time.


The worst issue for Democrats right now is the economy – whether it’s inflation, gas prices, or the baby formula shortage, Democrats’ normal spin isn’t working because Americans know what they see with their own eyes and they sure as hell know when they can’t pay their bills or feed their babies. As evidenced a few weeks ago when Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) said that inflation “reinforces” the need for abortion – right after she’d called out her own party for not really understanding how hard inflation is hitting American families – and the response to Joe Biden’s “plan” to address inflation, Democrats are terrible at messaging when it comes to kitchen table issues. This is an issue that can fully sink Democrats in the fall, because if they thought Mama Bears were a formidable force when it came to standing up for their kids against teacher’s unions, well, they really don’t want to see how formidable mothers are when they can’t feed their children.

And yet Republicans can’t present a united front here, either. Biden claims (well, sometimes at least) that the runaway inflation we’re facing is caused by the federal deficit – and blames that on Donald Trump:


“[W]e are on track to cut the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion this year…Unlike my predecessor, the deficit has gone down both years I have been here. That is not an abstraction. It matters. It matters to families, because reducing the deficit is one of the main ways we can ease inflationary pressures.”

Well, yes, Joe, when deficit spending on emergency pandemic measures ends, the deficit goes down.

Biden is joined by Senate Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in ridiculously claiming that antitrust legislation is a “solution” to inflation. Just as ridiculously, sources on Capitol Hill say that Lindsey Graham is “committed” to passing Klobuchar’s American Innovation and Choice Online Act, an expansive antitrust bill, which those same sources say would only get five Republican votes at most.

While the names mentioned thus far are well-known Republicans, there are also some not-so-well known Republicans in Congress who are helping echo some of Biden’s talking points. For example, Rep. Glenn Grothmann (WI) recently magnified key Biden talking points on the national debt and inflation during a speech in his district:

‘When [Donald] Trump was president, being a Republican, we were urged to spend more money,’ Grothman said, noting the Federal Reserve didn’t want a repeat of the Great Recession when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Grothman alleged the Federal Reserve wanted to lower the value of the dollar to make the national debt easier to pay off.

‘If you have a $100,000 mortgage on your house, and inflation makes the value of the dollar worse, it’s easier to pay off $100,000 — and there’s no debtor bigger than the federal government,’ he said. ‘…I sometimes wonder if the Federal Reserve wants to shrink the value of the dollar.’


Well, sure, there is no bigger debtor than the federal government, and working to eliminate the national debt is a good thing. Since I’m not an expert in economics I won’t opine on the best way to achieve that goal, but I do know that eliminating costly government programs would be a big component of any such plan, and I do know that Democrats are in the business of creating costly government programs, not eliminating them. I also know, as somewhat of an expert in messaging and communications, that Republicans making points for Joe Biden that he and his addled press secretary have proven incapable of making on their own isn’t the path to victory. Unity, message discipline, and unwavering focus are what Republicans need to be practicing in order to fully capitalize on Joe Biden’s utter failure in November.




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