Newsmax Keeps Grant Stinchfield Out of 'Holiday' Party Over Vaccine Mandate

Grant Stinchfield, host of Newsmax's "Stinchfield," in New York City, December 8, 2021. CREDIT: Twitter/Grant Stinchfield

Newsmax television host and Salem Media Group radio host (at Los Angeles’s AM 870 The Answer) Grant Stinchfield posted a video to Twitter Wednesday night declaring that “New York City is a total sh**hole” and explaining that he’d just been kicked out of a bar for not having a vaccine card.


Stinchfield said:

So, here’s the deal. I just got kicked out of a bar because I refused to provide some kind of a vaccination card because I’m not vaxxed. Look at how ridiculous this is. We’ve got outdoor dining. Everybody gets stuck inside an enclosed, what amounts to a tent, and that’s supposed to keep them safe? So, I can’t go to a bar because I’m unvaxxed. They’ve turned us into second-class citizens in New York City. This is my home, by the way. This is where I grew up.

This city has turned into an absolute sh**hole. You’ve got homeless people on the street begging for money just about everywhere. Here’s one of them right here. How you doing, buddy? You see what I’m saying? You’ve got people everywhere all masked up, and then I can’t even defend myself in this city. What an absolute disaster New York City has become.

It wasn’t just some random bar in New York City he was kicked out of. Stinchfield didn’t mention the event he was attempting to attend – and, in fact, had flown to the Big Apple from Texas for – in the video, but it was the Newsmax holiday party.

The topic came up on Stinchfield’s radio show on Thursday morning, where Stinchfield claimed it was some other bar he was kicked out of where he was attempting to get some face time with the people who work on his show since he works out of Dallas and the crew is in New York City. He said he didn’t attempt to go to the Newsmax party because media were camped out at the entrance and he’s vocal about the fact that he’s not vaccinated and won’t use a fake vaccine card, as he claims 50 percent of people are. Listen to Stinchfield’s comments here (they’re at the beginning of the segment).


As Stinchfield mentioned in the radio segment, on Tuesday screenshots of a leaked internal email about the party and the vaccine card requirement were posted to Twitter.

By excluding everyone who wouldn’t take the jab, they excluded those who had religious or medical exemptions and those employees who had and beat COVID – people who, studies show, aren’t any more likely to transmit or acquire COVID than those who are fully vaccinated, and, in fact, might be far less likely to transmit or acquire the virus.

The memo blamed “city regulations” for the requirement, and Newsmax reps confirmed to the Daily Beast that was the company’s stated reasoning. Reps added that unvaccinated employees/attendees could attend the company’s parties in other locations, though:

A Newsmax spokesperson confirmed the memo to The Daily Beast on Wednesday morning, noting that the rules only applied to the network’s New York office because of the state and city vaccine mandates.

“Newsmax has had several holiday parties at different locations and the company has no requirement for vaccination to attend any of these,” the network wrote in a statement. “New York City, however, mandated a vaccination card for entry to restaurants and public venues.”


Hmmm. San Francisco also has a vaccine mandate, but somehow London Breed keeps finding ways to get around it. The Getty family also found a way around it for heiress Ivy Getty’s wedding, attended by Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Breed. It seems that Newsmax could have found a location in New York City where a vaccine mandate wasn’t being enforced, such as a private home. As the Daily Beast reported, it was held at the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel, and the venue requires all guests age 12 and up to show their papers.

Apparently, quite a few of Newsmax’s luminaries had no problem showing their papers – whether they were authentic or not  – since Twitter was filled with photographs from the party.

The network also reiterated its claim that it does not have a vaccine mandate to the Daily Beast, as the “resignations” ramp up.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Stinchfield contacted RedState via Twitter late Thursday, characterizing the headline as “fake news,” that DeBlasio kept him out of the party, not NewsMax; that he claimed that 1/3 of NYC uses fake vax cards, not NewsMax employees; and that “It figures NEVER TRUMP RedState would attack a PRO Trump guy like me!” The audio from The Morning Answer was reviewed and Stinchfield said, “I will not show a fake vax card as – I hate to break the news to everybody out there – as probably 50 percent of the people do. Maybe not 50. Maybe a third.” So, he said both figures, and it’s unclear whether by “people” he means NYC residents or Americans in general, or even people around the globe. He didn’t assert that “people” meant NewsMax employees, nor did RedState imply or state that.)




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