BREAKING: It Looks Like Gavin Newsom's Been Located - at an Ostentatious Getty Wedding

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As our Jennifer O’Connell reported earlier today, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-French Laundry) hasn’t been seen in public since October 27, the day he received his COVID-19 vaccine booster. Newsom was scheduled to fly to Glasgow to attend the COP26 climate change conference two days later, but his trip was abruptly canceled. Initially some speculated that perhaps he realized how silly it was to fly across the globe to speak at a climate change conference when he could simply participate virtually. Then, Newsom’s office claimed he was attending to “unspecified family issues” and his office wouldn’t elaborate when asked by the press. By Sunday night, his wife posted a tweet shaming people who were asking where the state’s chief executive was, calling them “haters” and telling them to “get a life.”


On Monday, the California COP26 delegation refused to answer questions as to how Newsom was reportedly participating virtually or where he was. Late Monday, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis claimed Newsom couldn’t go to Scotland because he has young children.

Kounalakis, who flew to Glasgow in Newsom’s stead, said:

“It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t make it…you know, the Governor has a young family. I think it’s really important for everyone to understand that when you’ve got young kids it’s sometimes hard to come halfway around the world…”

You know, he has a job to do, regardless of the age of his children. Having young children didn’t keep him from going to El Salvador in April 2019 to bash Donald Trump’s immigration policies and “study migration.”

Well, having a young family didn’t keep him from another event, it seems. Quietly buried in a Vogue story about Ivy Getty’s weekend “Fantasy” wedding, at which Nancy Pelosi officiated, was this paragraph:

“San Francisco’s City Hall is designed to inspire awe—a symbol of the city’s power and resilience after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire, with its white marble detailing and soaring dome that looms more than 300 feet overhead,” Hamish [Bowles, Vogue contributing editor] notes. “But despite the architectural magnificence—and the panoply of state, with Nancy Pelosi officiating and Governor Newsom and Mayor Breed in attendance—the ceremony managed to feel extraordinarily intimate and personal, with Tobias’s charming vows and his passionate kiss that dislodged Ivy’s crown!”


Given that the prevailing social media rumor was that Newsom was suffering from a vaccine-related injury and possibly in the hospital, this was quite the statement.

There were 99 photos included in the article, and a man who seems to be Gavin Newsom is in two of them. In one photo he’s standing next to a blonde woman who looks like his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Obviously this wouldn’t explain where Newsom’s been every other day since October 27, but if he’s seemingly healthy and was attending a “family” wedding this weekend (Ivy’s grandfather is Newsom’s longtime business partnerIvy’s grandfather is Newsom’s longtime business partner) why wouldn’t he just acknowledge that?

It could be that even more than the French Laundry dinner – which occurred exactly a year before this wedding – this ostentatious wedding, which took place in the City of San Francisco and at which hundreds of unmasked guests practiced absolutely zero social distancing – highlights Newsom’s hypocrisy and complete disconnect with the suffering most people in California are enduring.


Ivy Getty’s wedding was a weekend-long event with multiple themed parties. At the first party, the bride wore no less than three outfits:

The wedding kicked off with a British Invasion Mod Party at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Thursday night. Stanlee’s inspiration for the first night of festivities was Barberella, the 1968 sci-fi film directed by Jean-Claude Forest. It took Stanlee’s team seven days to reimagine what normally feels like an airline hanger inside into a full-fledged nightclub, complete with shiny silver walls. “I knew the walls were silver the day before, I didn’t know anything else,” Getty admits. “I didn’t tell them anything specific. Everything has been a complete surprise.”

Guests arrived on the scene in short, sexy sequins, gogo boots, and big half up, half down hair—ready to party just as soon as their vaccination cards were checked and their phones were locked and stowed away in pouches. Dancers put on a show in clear plastic bubbles while Mark Ronson DJed. Eventually, Earth Wind & Fire took the stage.

On Friday, wedding guests were treated to a picnic lunch – complete with IV drips for those who had a hangover:

The following day, guests joined the couple for a picnic lunch at the Log Cabin on Presidio, overlooking the city—IV drips were at the ready for anyone in need of help recovering from the night before. “Butterflies are sentimental to Ivy, and so we incorporated them wherever possible,” Goldberg says of the bride’s look for this daytime event. “This archive Alexander McQueen gown from Pre-Fall 2016 had her name all over it….”


Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, an “intimate” event that most likely was even more expensive than that French Laundry dinner, then Saturday began with a “pajama party” for the bride and her entourage.

The ceremony itself was held at San Francisco City Hall, but was not your average City Hall wedding:

Stanlee and his team carpeted the entire rotunda of City Hall with bright teal and pink Persian rugs, completely transforming the space. “We draped all the archways on the second floor and first floor with turquoise and rose pink velvet drapes with 12” long gold thread fringe,” he explains. “We hung in waterfall fashion off the grand staircase railings, from top to bottom, thousands of pale pink dendrobiam orchids. Large stone urns on pedestals filled with pastel roses were through the rotunda and a top the staircase. I wanted to channel Ann,” Gatti says. “The colors, patterns and fabrics were a nod to Ann.”

After they were announced husband and wife, Ivy’s crown fell off for just a second. As soon as that was rectified:

Queue Myra, the singer known for her hit in The Princess Diaries—she started playing “Miracles Happen” from the balcony, and the bridal party, led by actress Anya Taylor-Joy, broke into dance. It was a surreal moment that could well have taken place in Genovia.

Then, the group departed for a reception at the Getty Mansion.

A Latin band and the Pena Pachamama dancers took over one room, there were bars and buffets tucked away throughout, and a rose garden was erected for the DJ dance party. The bride wore a second couture look by Maison Margiela with a draped aquamarine choker that worked perfectly with the raw edge neckline of the gown for the reception.

As guests mingled from room to room sampling various buffets, there were moments…that felt like a typical family wedding at home, complete with eccentric cousins and all. But then one remembered the setting and its significance: Ann and Gordon Getty amassed a museum-quality collection of European antiques, Venetian paintings, French textiles, and Russian chandeliers over the years. Rooms are covered in gold-framed Impressionist paintings by artists like Matisse, Degas, and Cassatte, to name a few, and decorative pillows made from Lyon silks and embroidered Chinese brocades are strewn across deep sofas.


Newsom planned to fly to Glasgow to advocate for ending the use of fossil fuels, but ended up enjoying every luxury possible – thanks to Big Oil money.



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