Jennifer Siebel Newsom Is the Worst Kind of 'Feminist'

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I’ve written in the past about men like Joss Whedon, who call themselves feminists but use that term as a way to dismiss their own abhorrent behavior toward women. Even worse than men like Joss Whedon are women like Jennifer Siebel Newsom (and Andrew Cuomo’s female enablers), who not only excuse the piggish behavior of their men but who actively attempt to catch-and-kill negative stories and/or destroy the women who courageously stand up for the truth. It’s as if they feel that since they played the game and were rewarded for it, no one should expose what’s really happening.


As we first reported five days ago, actor Rose McGowan dropped a bombshell on Dave Rubin’s show, telling Rubin that in the months before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of then-Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, set up a lunch with her to essentially ask McGowan what it would take to get her to stay quiet about Weinstein’s propensities and Hollywood’s complicity in covering them up. McGowan essentially told her to eff off.

Now, why would Siebel Newsom have any involvement in this scenario? Well, Siebel Newsom’s sister is married to Jonathan Schiller, law partner of David Boies, who was then Weinstein’s attorney. Boies is also a big Democrat donor and fixer, having served as consigliere for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Siebel Newsom also works in the entertainment industry as an actress and director, focusing her work on documentaries on women’s issues – work she is still involved in to this day.

Of course, the Newsoms deny that any such conversation occurred, but McGowan has proof. In a four-part tweet, McGowan posted screenshots of messages between herself and Siebel Newsom, an email the First Partner posted in an email list for Weinstein victims, replies to those emails, and an email Siebel Newsom sent to a friend of McGowan’s.


Here’s the thumbnail of what happened. McGowan identified Weinstein as the man who raped her during the taping of an interview with Ronan Farrow in February 2017. NBC sat on that interview for five months. During that time, Weinstein’s attorneys – Boies Schiller – contacted McGowan and, according to McGowan, threatened her. McGowan said she learned that the interview was going to be broadcast during the morning show, so she directed her attorneys to revoke permission for NBC News to use the interview.

Also during that five months, on June 29, 2017, Jennifer Siebel Newsom attempted to meet with McGowan. McGowan left the meeting place, Brentwood Country Mart, before talking to Siebel Newsom, saying she could tell Newsom wasn’t going to be a true ally. A few days later, in a phone call, Siebel Newsom asked McGowan what Boies Schiller could do to make her happy and she replied with, “Nothing.”


Finally, the story came out in The New Yorker on October 10, 2017, but Siebel Newsom wasn’t done. According to the screenshots McGowan provided, Siebel Newsom implied that she, too, was a victim of Weinstein’s and became a member of an email group for Weinstein’s victims. When McGowan raised the alarm, Siebel Newsom’s reply was to accuse McGowan of lashing out due to unresolved trauma and to claim that she only reached out to McGowan as a way to help McGowan heal.

McGowan posted the entire December 18, 2017 email Siebel Newsom sent to the Weinstein victim email list on her Twitter account. I’m posting portions of it here (emphasis mine):

“I want us to heal as a culture and so I asked Rose ‘what if anything Boies could do for her that would help her to heal’ and then I thought I would present that to my brother-in-law to take to Boies. She basically said F him and all men and that was that. I imagine this is why she told XXXX I was a spy for Boies (am sorry but read my bio – that’s crazy) and that’s I assume where a lot of this is coming from.

“I haven’t been in touch with her since then….I am sorry they think I am a spy but I really think it’s their unresolved trauma and I am the scapegoat….All bizarre and part of life but there are lessons here for everyone. No good deed goes unpunished and I shouldn’t have tried to help Rose the way I did at this time. Happy to talk in further detail and will respond thoughtfully to Rose and XXXX separately but I am not sure if they can hear it given how they have been treated in the past.

“Am sorry for the confusion and fear it has caused anyone but I just wanted to assure you all that I am not a spy. I am a victim, too….”


Reading that, I can almost hear Gavin Newsom’s staccato, vocal fry voice when he shames Californians or journalists for not appreciating him more or reporting on his “successes.” It’s victim-blaming and manipulation at the highest degree.

And, given that the meeting was set to happen in late June 2017, months before the story broke (but while some in the entertainment industry surely knew about McGowan’s unaired interview with Farrow), how did Siebel Newsom know what was going on if not through conversations with her sister and brother-in-law?

Women like Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who act as the enforcers for disgusting excuses for men and enablers of a toxic culture while claiming they’re working to fix said culture, are the worst kind of feminists; they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing and are just as guilty of assaulting women as the men they defend.


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