GOOD NEWS: CA Dems Blink on Bill Giving Electeds the Names, Addresses of Recall Petition Signers

Just over a week ago, we reported on California’s Senate Bill 663, which would allow elected officials who are recall targets to obtain a list of the names and addresses of everyone who signed the recall petition, for the purpose of (emphasis mine):


“[C]ommunicating with registered voters to determine whether they signed the recall petition and whether they understood the recall petition they may have signed, and to assist registered voters to withdraw their signatures on the recall petition, if they so desire.”

California Democrats – who, of course, are the ones pushing this nonsense – received a massive backlash after introducing the bill, and not just from Republicans. Even though it wouldn’t have applied to the Gavin Newsom recall, the optics were terrible, and Republicans promised immediate lawsuits.

Amazingly (but probably after a few polls were conducted), sponsor Sen. Josh Newman (D-Orange County), who was the target of a successful recall a few years ago, withdrew the bill. It’s gone. Bye-bye….

Whether or not the Newsom recall effort is successful, expect to see this issue come up again after California Dems have had time to come up with Plan B.


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