Perennial Failed Candidate Christy Smith Attacks Rep. Mike Garcia as a "Seditious Representative"

Christy Smith and Kamala Harris CREDIT: Christy Smith for Congress Facebook


Former California Assemblymember Christy Smith (D-Santa Clarita), who ran for Congress in California’s 25th District twice in 2020 and lost to Mike Garcia both times, apparently hasn’t learned from her losses. As our Jennifer O’Connell noted, Smith was ahead in every poll yet still managed to lose – because she was insular, divisive, and petty in her messaging. She was the living, breathing “I Want to Speak to the Manager” Scoldy “Karen.”


She’s already filed to run for both CA-25 and her former Assembly district in 2022 so she’s continuing her emails to supporters – and she’s continuing the same “tone” of division and promoting falsehoods. Here’s what she had to say Thursday in an email to supporters about what happened at the Capitol Wednesday and about her representative in Congress, Mike Garcia:

What happened yesterday was an act of insurrection against our democracy. It was enacted by those who represent the vilest impulses of our society: fascism, racism, demagoguery, neo-Nazism.

The terrorists who stormed the U.S. Capitol — who breached the People’s House, the seat of our democracy, for the first time since the War of 1812 — are a stain on this country.

Our country needs to heal right now. There’s a lot we still don’t know yet about what went down at the Capitol on Wednesday and what protesters intended to do. It’s likely that at least a few of the people involved had bad intentions, and that is completely unacceptable. It’s unclear to whom she’s referring as people who “enacted” an “act of insurrection,” but if she’s referring to the thousands of people who peacefully marched to the Capitol to utilize their First Amendment rights and voice their concerns about election fraud, saying they “represent…fascism, racism, demagoguery and neo-Nazism” is despicable and truly not a way to unite.


Oh, but the second paragraph clarifies. The people who “stormed” the U.S. Capitol are terrorists.

Smith, an educator, clearly has forgotten a little bit of history since she asserts that Wednesday was the first time the Capitol had been “breached” since the War of 1812. As numerous RedState contributors have pointed out, Weather Underground set off a bomb in the Capitol in the 1970s, Code Pink protesters regularly made incursions into the Capitol in during the George W. Bush presidency, and in 2018 anti-Kavanaugh protesters stormed the Capitol and laid down en masse in the Rotunda.

Now, Smith was ready to verbally eviscerate Rep. Garcia:

Instead of speaking out against these horrific attacks and calling out the terrorists for what they are, Mike Garcia issued a lukewarm statement condemning their actions. He even took the time to speak with some conspiracy theorists outside the Capitol earlier this week (without masks, of course).

How does she know that the people to whom Garcia spoke were conspiracy theorists? Is it because of the color of their skin or the type of clothes they were wearing? In any event, here’s what Garcia said in the midst of Wednesday’s events:


Then Smith turned to criticizing Garcia for objecting to the counting of electoral votes in two states, states in which election procedures had been illegally changed. It is the right – and duty – of a Member of Congress to object if they believe there was fraud or any other reason a state’s vote might not be legitimate. Of course, Smith characterized Garcia’s actions – actions which her fellow Democrats took in 2001, 2005, and 2017 – as voting to “overturn election results” and condemning the will of the American people.

Even after Trump incited an attack on the Capitol and his supporters breached the House floor itself, Mike Garcia voted to overturn election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. On a day when thousands of protesters gathered in protest of the election results, Mike Garcia joined with them, using his vote in condemnation of the will of the American people.

Here’s what I don’t understand about how Democrats are messaging these days. Democrats won EVERYTHING, as far as the federal government is concerned. Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated as our Weekend at Bernie’s president. Why are they still pushing a false message that Republicans are always working to erase their votes instead of just saying “Ha-ha, we won, your guy lost! Loooossseers”? I get that they need to keep people angry and riled up to keep them donating, but it still seems that there’s plenty of time to go back to painting Republicans as evil and unworthy of oxygen.


Aaaaand, here we go with the “coup” language.

He sided with the attempted coup instead of with our democracy. He neglected his oath. He failed his district, his country, and the trust placed in him as a U.S. representative.

When Mike Garcia was sworn in as the representative for CA-25 just days ago, he pledged to protect and defend the Constitution. Has he already forgotten what that means?

Smith then goes in for the sale, but goes big on the rhetoric and accusations.

I believe he has. And for that reason, he must not be allowed to keep his seat in Congress in 2022.

I want to be very clear: No elected leader who supported this assault on our rule of law is worthy of his position of privilege and power. And here in the 25th district, our community deserves better than a seditious representative “serving” us in the House of Representatives.

The Republican Party, Donald Trump, and his enablers like Mike Garcia incited this violence. Their lies stoked the riot.

But those Republicans and the terrorists who follow them will not be allowed to overrun our government or prevent the transfer of power to the Biden-Harris administration on January 20th. There are more of us than them, and the side of right, of truth, and of justice will prevail.

Saying that your Member of Congress is guilty of sedition for objecting to the counting of questionable electoral votes is a bold move, and one that her district has rejected. Smith lost narrowly, but her district overwhelmingly voted for Biden. How does that happen? As a resident of the district (disclaimer: I do know Smith personally) who’s closely followed Congressional, state, and local elections here since 2012, I can say one thing is absolute in the district: We do not like people who are consistently negative and hammer their opponent. Every single time.


If you are afraid right now, if you are sad, or anxious, or enraged, please know that I — and so many of our fellow Americans — are with you.

Yesterday was a dark day in our nation’s history. We watched on live TV as American democracy faltered, but I promise you: It will not fail. We will not let it.

Thank you for your patriotism,

Christy Smith

Many of Smith’s would-be constituents are afraid, sad, anxious, or enraged right now. I’d bet that many of the Democrats are simply enraged. The Republicans are afraid and anxious because people who believe like Smith does are in charge, and they have zero tolerance for an opposing viewpoint and treat legitimate debate and disagreement as terrorism and sedition, and want to silence those dissenting voices by any means possible.

Fortunately, Smith and the rest of the Democrats are completely overplaying their hand right now, and it won’t work long-term.


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