Hollywood Boutique Kitson LA's Number One New Year's Resolution: Recalling Gavin Newsom

Back in December Hollywood boutique Kitson made headlines with their “Hypocrites of 2020” and sarcastic “People of the Year” shop windows, upon which they skewered Nancy Pelosi, Alyssa Milano, Chrissy Teigen, Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti, Anthony Fauci, and Hunter Biden.


The shop, which lost at least $400,000 due to damage from the “peaceful protests” in Los Angeles over the summer, has also been hit hard by the economic ruin wrought upon the city and the state by its brain-dead elected leaders. As a result, they’ve hosted “Recall Gavin Newsom” petition signing booths numerous times and are vocally and unapologetically supporting the recall movement – taking it mainstream. (On a recent radio appearance with All American Radio’s Jennifer Kerns, we dubbed this “The Kitson Effect.)

Now that we’ve entered the New Year, Kitson’s debuted its “New Years Resolutions” windows, and the resolutions are wonderfully surprising, to say the least. A video posted to the boutique’s Instagram account introduces the windows:

A better angle of our windows! Introducing our 2021 New Years Resolutions window! So many people qualified for this window. But here are the seven we choose. Will Gavin Newsom be recalled? Will Mayor Eric Garcetti not get re-elected? Will Dr. Deborah Birx retire? Will Chrissy Teigen ever apologize for mocking looting and to the business effected by the looting. Will her sponsors drop her, due to her unforgivable behavior? It’s up to the public to decide this! Please contact Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta and stress your concerns about Jen Atkins the founder of OUAI, as she condones looting. Go on their Instagram if you can’t reach them.

Finally let’s make editors accountable and not let their personal beliefs interfere with the real truth, and stop getting kickbacks. Happy New Year to everyone and we are all in this together.


The video:


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In case the video isn’t clear, here are some of the individual pictures. The number one resolution, to recall Gov. Gavin “HairGel” Newsom, was pretty plain compared to the rest, but the reasons are all in the bear’s California-shaped sign.

No more water tax, high income tax, highest gas tax, government overreach… says it all. This is the sixth recall attempt Newsom’s faced since 2018, and this one is finally gaining steam. As my fellow RedState editor Brandon Morse told a Republican Women’s Federated group in Palm Springs today, shout out to the activists who have been pounding the pavement on this issue since before it was cool!

Number two called out hypocritical Dr. Deborah Birx’s jaunt to her vacation home – along with three generations of her family – while telling all of the rest of us to forego seeing family over Thanksgiving, and calls on her to retire already.

Resolution number 3 calls upon Los Angelenos to not re-elect Mayor Eric Garcetti. There is a slight problem with this one. Los Angeles municipal elections used to be held in odd-numbered years, and Garcetti would have been termed out in 2021 after two terms. However, due to a change in the city’s election calendar, Garcetti’s second term lasts through 2022.


However, there have been multiple recall attempts aimed at Garcetti, and there is plenty Angelenos can do to make sure that Garcetti doesn’t springboard from the Mayor’s office to another elected or appointed office.

Number 4 is to “Cancel Chrissy Teigen and all of her sponsors,” since Kitson called out the model-cookbook author-sober mom out for her support of bailing out Black Lives Matter rioters.

Resolution number 6 is to remember that “we have the power to vote them out,” referring to politicians like Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and more, who have emphasized that, “We’re all in this together,” since the pandemic began – which Kitson rightly characterizes as the biggest lie of the pandemic.

Number 7 might be a little in-the-weeds for those who don’t pay attention to Hollywood media, but it’s important. Kitson’s owner has been a voice in the wilderness, calling out the corruption/hypocrisy that no one in Hollywood or in the mainstream media want to acknowledge out loud but which everyone knows occurs. The 7th resolution is to have “no more editors with personal agenda articles” and calls out The Hollywood Reporter’s Janice Min and Ronan Farrow.

Min is reportedly under consideration to be the LA Times’ next editor, which, if what Kitson alleges in its window is true (that Min would pressure underlings to donate swag to her kids’ private school, and that she would blackball establishments from THR “if they didn’t play her games”) would make the Times an even less-reliable source of news in Los Angeles than it already is.


Farrow purportedly blocked Kitson when they called out his credibility, and engaged in “catch and kill” stories about himself and his family. None of this is new in the news industry, but the fact that Kitson is going public and naming names is massive news.

Something is different in California’s water these days, and this time it might be a good thing.




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