Sounds Right, Ep. 5: Voting Systems, Mocking Liberals, and Unify This!

The long, protracted Election Month threw us off our game for about a week, but our resident statistical/polling guru Scott Hounsell and I are back with our “Sounds Right” podcast, gracing your ears with our voices.


By now, everyone who’s following the election has heard about Dominion Voting Systems machines and the numerous problems that have been seen for years, in multiple states, with them. I was one of the first (if not the first) to report that Dominion machines were being used in every swing state, and in most, they were brand new. For example, Georgia rolled them out statewide for this election after an error-riddled test run in six counties during the June 2020 primary.

It turns out that these machines have been the subject of concern by elected officials and election integrity watchdogs for quite some time. We discuss reports in Wisconsin and even in Washington Monthly (not exactly a conservative publication) that detail allll of the problems.

We also talk about the potential for a new shutdown in California and how Mom-and-Pop businesses are being destroyed – including my salon, Epic Salon in Encino, where the owners are closing up permanently in about a week because they are limited to 25% capacity in the salon while still being responsible for 100% of the rent. The husband-and-wife team opened the salon nearly 25 years ago and built it up into an Encino institution; even hometown guy Clay Matthews gets his fabulous mane cared for there. While those owners are closing up, homeless people take baths in the fountain right in front of the salon! No pandemic shutdown or effects for them!


Also, hear what Jen thinks about Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue (spoiler alert: most comics are not funny at all these days), join us in honoring both Alex Trebek and Sean Connery by enjoying a compilation of Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.

We end the show by discovering just how morbid and dark my sense of humor is. It’s a Van Laar thing; I can’t help it. I won’t give away the whole story, but it has to do with the murders of my cousin, Kelley Van Laar Branham, and her husband, Jake. If you’re from Florida or follow true crime stories, you might have heard of the Joe Cool murders; if not, here’s the ID series special.

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