Trump Campaign Lawsuit in MI Asks to Postpone Certification Until Dominion Software Is Validated

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In a press call Tuesday afternoon, Trump campaign Communication Director Tim Murtaugh told reporters that, “This election is not over,” and that the 70.5 million people who voted for Donald Trump, and the people who voted for Joe Biden and any other candidates, “deserve to know that we have free, fair, safe, secure elections.” Before introducing campaign counsel Matt Morgan and Thor Hearne, who were to announce another lawsuit filed by the campaign, Murtaugh reiterated a sentiment Kayleigh McEnany expressed Monday, saying, “In Pennsylvania, we saw an election executed that we believe is likely unconstitutional.”


Many Trump supporters are growing impatient, wanting to have concrete evidence and specific instances. Murtaugh sought to assure them that while they might not see things as quickly as they’d like to, that things are indeed happening systematically behind closed doors and to trust the process:

What we are telling POTUS that we are asking for patience. This is a process, and we are going through it methodically. There’s going to be a temptation in this Twitter world…to have a neat conclusion wound up by the top of the hour. That’s not going to happen. We’re not going to eat the apple in one bite. This is going to be a process, and there is time. We have time to follow through on this process.

The campaign’s newest lawsuit is filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan against the Michigan Secretary of State and Wayne County. Campaign general counsel Matt Morgan gave more detail:

The campaign and the voters will seek declaratory emergency injunctive relief to vindicate fundamental constitutional rights that may have been violated by Michigan elections officials both at the state and local levels.

Unequal treatment of Republican and Democrat poll watchers violates equal protection under law, and the potential counting of ineligible ballots unconstitutionally devalues the vote and voice of eligible voters. These irregular activities could be the tip of the iceberg. We look forward to further developing those facts through this process.

The Complaint is based on affidavits showing that designated challengers were denied meaningful observation as required by law, that our poll watchers suffered illegal and official intimidation, interference, intimidation, harassment, including testimony of derogatory language used against those Republicans who were in the room.

Because these Republican poll watchers were pushed out, harassed, intimidated, and denied their right to have meaningful observation, there may have been more unconstitutional practices that our credentialed poll watchers were not able to see.


The campaign is making some big, but justifiable, asks:

[T]he Michigan Secretary of State not certify the election results until we have been able to verify and confirm that the ballots cast were tabulated according to the law. We want to make sure that no vote tally includes fraudulently or unlawfully cast ballots; ballots tabulated by the Dominion tabulating software until that software is validated, and that any ballots received after election day but potentially post-dated or pre-dated, that the ballots need to be reviewed before that time.

We also ask that we’re able to determine the accuracy of the tabulating equipment or software used in Michigan as there have been reports of inaccuracies in those tabulations, and we will seek access to video footage of unattended remote ballot boxes that could potentially expose any inappropriate ballot harvesting in the State of Michigan.

Given the problems experienced by Dominion tabulation software users in numerous states and counties, including in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and questions about its accuracy, those remedies are completely necessary if voters are to have any confidence in the outcome of the election.


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