WATCH: NV Polling Place Whistleblowers Allege Systematic Processing of Questionable Ballots

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Team Trump held a press conference in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon to update voters and the public on the fraudulent and/or unsecure activity they’ve uncovered since Election Day that may have resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegally-cast votes being counted.


Among the issues:

  • Failure to purge the voter rolls of dead people by failing to match them against death records
  • Multiple instances of people who died in 2017 or 2018 “voting” in 2020
  • Knowingly ineffective signature-verification methods
  • Ballots being mailed to more than 100,000 people who moved from Nevada during the pandemic
  • Ballots being mailed to 17-year-olds
  • Vote center officials requiring employees to process mail ballots that were glaringly deficient
  • Both on Election Day and in early voting, some Republicans were prevented from voting because they didn’t have a Nevada ID card or driver’s license
  • A van load of ballots arriving at one vote center, where they were unsealed, ballots substituted, then re-sealed

Matt Schlapp was joined by former Nevada AG Adam Laxalt to discuss the findings. In the video below, the conference itself starts about 16:30 in. Fox News refused to carry the live conference.

Laxalt said:

How did we get here? Many of us were warning about the fact that the Democrats unilaterally fundamentally altered our voting system inside 90 days. We warned that the State of Nevada was simply not ready to give us a fully fair and secure election. We pointed out that this system that moved to mail-in balloting simply did not have enough checks in it. We pointed out that the voter rolls in Clark County had a lot of improper voters, and we pointed out that the signature verification process in these things were simply not going to protect the system.

We were told that signature verification would save all chances of fraud, but what we’ve discovered is that we have over 600,000 votes that have been counted in the State of Nevada through the mail-in system. This campaign has not observed – has not laid our eyes on…an envelope signature and a voter roll signature on a single one of those 600,000 voters. And in particular, the Clark County registrar went with a machine called the Agilis machine, and at least 200,000 votes were counted through the signature verification process of this machine only. I will repeat for the media, no human beings looked at those signature matches to confirm they were, in fact, matches.

We have artificial intelligence and computer photographic forensic experts that are absolutely positive that the fact that Joe Gloria – which was admitted in court – reduced the factory setting to 40 percent that in order for that system to properly work would take months and months of testing with a large amount of experts, and that simply was not done. 200,000 of the votes went through this computer that we cannot be sure verified these votes properly.


Schlapp then took the mic, saying that the entire world needs to understand what happened in Vegas and that it’s critical that the vast majority of Americans have confidence in the result of the election:

The way we resolve division, even when you don’t get your way in an election, is to count every legal ballot and to make sure that…illegal ballots do not reduce the civil rights and the votes of those who voted legally.

The information that we’ve been able to learn while being cut out of the observation process and the tallying…we now have thousands of examples of voter irregularity that takes sevearl forms.

Hundreds of Republicans were disenfranchised, were denied the right to vote, both on election day and leading up in the early vote. They were put through a process that proved impossible to satisfy in order to cast their legal vote. We will be finding and investigating and going through all of these examples.

Dead people voted in Clark County. That is a tricky thing because obviously for these families this is a very tragic reminder of a loss that they have just recently had to go through.

Schlapp then gave two specific examples of people who died in 2017 and who were shown as having voted in November 2020. One woman’s family representative was there to confirm.


We know that in this area that has been gripped with the idea of an economic shutdown, that over 100,000 people left, yet…we’ve been able to find that at least 9,000 of them voted in this election, non-Nevadans voting in Nevada.

Then Schlapp described what had been heard from whistleblowers.

We have had many brave people call us who have witnessed tampering, who have witnessed wrongdoing. These are brave whistleblowers. These folks worked in the counting center, were involved in the tallying, and Fox News recently reported that one of them had to quit his job after he worked on about 14,000 ballots. When he would raise objections to clearly improper ballots, he was told by his supervisor to put them through the process and count them anyway.

These ballots can never be taken back out of that tally. There’s no way to remedy ballots that were put in in an improper way.

A second whistleblower described leaving on his lunch hour, and while he was on his lunch hour he decided to exercise around the counting center. While he was walking, he noticed a van pulled up at the center marked Biden-Harris. The doors of the van were opened. Ballots were clearly visible. Ballots were opened with letter openers, and ballots were filled in and re-sealed in envelopes. These people…then decided to create a human shield around what they were doing in the van.


Over the last five days, many reporters have demanded evidence of fraud or irregularites from the Trump campaign, and Democrats have said that if there were, Republicans would be able to quickly provide it. But since they’ve been frozen out of the process, Schlapp said that’s difficult and that they’ve been looking for needles in the haystack – and finding them:

We are on the outside, looking in. I’ve never experienced an election where the idea of observing the count was considered out of bounds. But yet I think it is clear that with the evidence we’re presenting, that if we had more information, and this was a more regularized and legal process, we would be able to tell you even more.

Schlapp said that the campaign will be filing a lawsuit over these fraudulent and illegal acts on Monday.


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