Trump Mentions 'Coyotes' in Debate, Ignorant Liberals Call It Xenophobia

AP Photo/Christian Torrez

During Thursday night’s Presidential debate, President Trump was asked about illegal immigration, family separation, and about those 500 children whose parents haven’t been found. As anyone who’s actually paid attention at all knows, prior to President Trump’s zero tolerance policy some “very bad people,” including cartels, would bring children with them across the border because if you had a child with you, authorities would let you go – the catch-and-release program Biden was so fond of (and oh, so wrong about). Trump pointed this out in what should have been a non-controversial answer.

Trump said:

“Children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they’re brought here, and they used to use them to get into our country. We now have as strong a border as we’ve ever had.”

Simple enough, and terribly sad. When I spent a day touring the US/Mexico border between the San Ysidro point of entry and the Pacific Ocean in 2018, the Border Patrol agents escorting us shared heartbreaking stories of parents sending their teenage daughters with a coyote to the United States as a way of offering them a better life, but sending her with Plan B pills, knowing she would be raped repeatedly. They talked about finding rape trees where young girls, some as young as 12, were tied up and gang-raped by, yes, animals who call themselves men.

What did the elitist, allegedly educated liberals of Twitter have to say?

They called Trump xenophobic and racist for calling the parents coyotes. Some even thought Trump really meant and believed that kids from Central and South America rode into the country on an actual coyote.

Seriously. What kind of world do we live in where these people can talk about xenophobia and 3,000 genders and calling someone “unhoused” instead of homeless and about intersectionality and stage photo ops where they cry about kids being kept in cages, but they don’t know what a coyote is relating to immigration?

Everything is stupid, and we’ve fully descended into idiocracy.

Witness Harvard student David Hogg, who tries to legislate gun control.

Well, David Hogg is YOUNG, you might say, because his ignorance is so cringeworthy and, well, sickening. It gets worse. Jemele Hill, contributing writer for The Atlantic, also had no idea what Trump was talking about:

Props to the woman who grabbed all these screenshots. Her forehead must be bruised from all the #headdesk moves.

A few “Greatest Hits.” This woman wrote a book about Stalking God and advises and invests in start-ups. Dear Lord, help us all.

And here we have a corporate attorney and Georgia state legislator.

Well, Ms. Kendrick, in my neighborhood in a mountainous area of Southern California, the coyotes usually only bring whole small dogs or cats anywhere with them, but I digress.

She persisted in her ignorance Friday morning.

Thankfully Breitbart’s Brandon Darby, who’s covered issues at the US/Mexico border for a decade or so, was there to educate people.

And when the kids are too much of a burden, or not needed anymore – they’re just abandoned.

Kurt Schlichter summed it up:

Don’t fret. We’re sure the fine folks at Merriam-Webster will have a new definition of “coyote” out by the end of the day, and the fact checkers at the Washington Post will “confirm” that no children are ever smuggled across the border by cartels or anything else starting with a C.