Podcast Premiere: Sounds Right With Jen and Scott, Episode 1 With Kira Davis


Sounds Right With Jen and Scott, featuring RedState Deputy Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar and RedState Contributor/Polling Guru Scott Hounsell, brings you the latest in politics and pop culture – with a healthy dose of snark. The show focuses on the wonderful insanity that is the Golden State, sports, and entertainment.


Episode 1 of our rebooted podcast (previously heard on Vigilant Liberty Radio in 2015-2016) features our friend and RedState Editor-At-Large Kira Davis. Kira is the host of one of the hottest podcasts in the country, “Just Listen To Yourself.” On a recent episode of JLTY, Kira discussed just how it is we can talk politics with our ideological opponents without getting into a knock-down, drag-out fight. Part of the problem is, she contends (and we agree):

We have made “otherizing” people based on their voting habits acceptable. In reality it is a foul and evil impulse that allows the perpetrator to dehumanize the person they’re looking at. It’s the very basis for racism, slavery, and every human notion that has brought tragedy and despair.

But, there’s hope! We had a great and spirited discussion with her.

We also talked about Bill Burr’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live last week and why comedy should be offensive, and much more!

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