Trump Skewers BLM and Its Supporters During Black Economic Empowerment Forum

Trump Skewers BLM and Its Supporters During Black Economic Empowerment Forum
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President Trump held a Black Economic Empowerment Forum Friday in Atlanta, unveiling his plan to help black Americans (covered by my colleague Jeff Charles here). In addition to being one of the few Republican candidates to ever make such an overt appeal to the Black community, Trump was one of the few Republican candidates to call out not only Black Lives Matter organizers, but their corporate and individual supporters as well. Of the Black Lives Matter organization, Trump said:

“As you know, many of those who are spreading violence in our cities are supporters of an organization called Black Lives Matter, or BLM. It’s really hurting the Black community. This is an unusual name for an organization whose ideology and tactics are right now destroying many Black lives, and whose first phrase was – you remember this – ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,’ referring to our police.

“The stated goal of BLM organization people is to achieve the destruction of the nuclear family, abolish the police, abolish prisons, abolish border security, abolish capitalism, and abolish school choice. That’s what their stated goals are. This is not the agenda of the Black community. This is the agenda of an extreme socialist – or worse – you know what the other word is. Marxist, Communist. But this is the extreme socialist left, but beyond that, in my opinion. That’s why the founders of the organization call themselves trained Marxists.”

That messaging is brilliant and precisely what the conversation needs to be about. Abolishing school choice, abolishing the nuclear family, and creating chaos and lawlessness in the streets are not steps the Black community wants to take but they’re absolutely the Democrat and socialist agenda. As Trump said elsewhere in the speech, Joe Biden shouldn’t be counting on votes from the Black community; he should be asking for their forgiveness.

The founders are Marxists and, according to Trump, the supporters are fools who should be spending their money actually helping Black families (emphasis added):

“And yet we have major corporations, out of weakness or fear or whatever reason, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to them. These are fools. These are fools. The big progressive corporations donating to BLM should instead be spending their money helping Black families rebuild from the left-wing — from these horrible left-wing riots. Wealthy liberal hypocrites want to defund the police in our inner cities while living behind walled compounds. The funny thing is that if anything ever happened, they’d be the first to go, you know.

“They want to get rid of school choice for Black children while sending their own children to the best private schools in the land. They want open borders for you, but security for themselves.”

He wasn’t through. If Black lives really matter, Democrats, BLM, and their supporters should protect unborn Black children.

For a little levity, watch Trump destroy Ralph Northam:

Watch the President’s entire speech here:

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