BREAKING: Pro-Trump Rallygoers in Los Angeles Shot At; Suspect Barricaded

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

As a conservative Californian (native and proud of it!), I’m often told that efforts to turn the state around or turn it red are a waste of time, and that there’s no use because too many of my fellow Californians are liberal and dense. My usual reply is that there are more conservatives and Trump supporters here than anyone would believe but that the cost of vocalizing that opinion is so high – one could lose their job immediately – that we don’t dare speak up.


The truth of that was hammered home Sunday when a peaceful caravan of Trump supporters conducted a drive-thru rally to support the President on Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley. Someone (reported to be a black male, per law enforcement sources), shot at the group from his apartment overlooking Ventura Boulevard then barricaded himself inside.

Rally attendees tell RedState that overall there were about 1,000 vehicles participating. Despite what liberals on Twitter might claim, the majority of those attending were from the San Fernando Valley, including California State Senate candidate Houman Salem (an Iranian immigrant)….

And House of Representatives candidate Errol Webber, a Jamaican immigrant challenging Rep. Karen Bass.

The line of cars stretched back as far as the eye can see.


Until, unfortunately, a member of the “tolerant left” decided to shoot at cars full of people. Someone got a picture of the man they claim to be the shooter; the apartment building location given on the LAPD scanner has a similar appearance to this building but I can’t confirm that this is in fact the shooter.

Here’s the full photo:

SOURCE: Twitter, @William59114003

Fortunately, the only thing the shooter struck was the tire on one vehicle.

Of course, this leftist claims Trump supporters are inciting violence “just like they did in Portland.”


This person best describes why the silent majority is silent.

Currently, LAPD’s SWAT team is working to apprehend the suspect. We will provide more updates as they become available.


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