Papa John's Employee Whose Store Was Vandalized Warns Rioters: This is How You Get More Trump

Rioters smashed the windows of this Papa John's store in Madison, WI. CREDIT: Screenshot, Twitter

Rioters smashed the windows of this Papa John’s store in Madison, WI. CREDIT: Screenshot, Twitter

On Tuesday night “peaceful protesters” descended on downtown Madison, Wisconsin, purportedly to seek justice for the shooting of Jacob Blake in nearby Kenosha. This despite the fact that Blake’s own mother had just hours before said in a press conference that Jacob would be “very unpleased” if he knew about the violence and destruction that was occurring in his name.


As my colleague Brad Slager wrote yesterday, research shows that the public is generally sympathetic/empathetic to peaceful demonstrations designed to focus on civil rights issues when those demonstrations become riots the public develops an increasing desire for “social control,” a/k/a a law-and-order society, for years afterward. And who’s the law-and-order candidate? Donald Trump.

This Papa John’s employee gets it. (Language warning)

The man had an enlightening conversation with one “protester.” After the windows were smashed in and he was surveying the damage he said, “Are they trying to get Trump re-elected? Are they trying to get Trump re-elected? Seriously. I’ve got a family to support. I’ve got f***ing kids to feed.”


A woman replied, “These people don’t represent our movement.”

Speaking for all of us, he replied, “Well, I’m sorry. But they’re part – they’re with you.”

The same type of conversation played out in Twitter replies to Brogan’s video after a person claiming to be on the scene agreed that violence was started by “antifa…who tried to blend in with us.”

But “silence is violence,” right?


Madison was not looking like a fun or safe place to be.

Police and other first responders know that they will not be supported by the state’s elected officials, so don’t expect proactive law enforcement in the coming days.


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