Facebook Posts From Deputy DA Who Charged Couple for Painting Over BLM Mural Confirm Political Motivation

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Remember the California couple who were charged with a hate crime after they painted over a city-permitted “Black Lives Matter” mural? We all know that they’re being subjected to a politically-motivated prosecution, but Facebook posts by one of the Deputy District Attorneys in (Soros-funded) Diana Becton’s office show just how personal and biased this prosecution is.


Of course, the “hate crime” charge is unprovable anyway, as my colleague Bonchie pointed out:

In the spirit of learning something new everyday, apparently the autonomous entity of a street painting qualifies as a race, whereby tampering with said painted letters constitutes a “hate crime” against said race.

You may be asking how any of this is supposed to work. How do you prove racist intent when the target is not a person, but a “mural?” Who was the victim here? Wouldn’t it be the city who sanctioned the painting on the street? How can a city be the victim of a hate crime?

I can’t answer those questions for you because there aren’t any good answers.

He also correctly pointed out the Soros DA strategy, which is paying handsome dividends this year:

Justice is no longer blind, if it ever was. These DAs are getting more brazen with their political prosecutions. It’s now clear why the left dumped so much time and money into these local races. The impact they are able to have far outsizes the national profile of these offices. It’s a slow tearing down of the system from the inside.

And, he’s right. Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton had never been a prosecutor before she was appointed to her position in 2017 when her predecessor was convicted of perjury in a campaign finance scandal. Though she plagiarized numerous answers on her employment application (using Martin Luther King, Jr quotes as if no one would notice), the county Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to appoint her. Her 2018 campaign to keep the office was partially funded by George Soros.


One of Becton’s favored deputies is Nichelle Holmes, who is in ideological lockstep with Becton and the progressive left. Holmes’ Facebook post about the BLM mural case is unprofessional and unethical at best, and confirms the belief that this prosecution is not about the rule of law, but about punishing what Holmes’ boss believes is an unacceptable personal belief. The day after the “mural” was “defaced,” Holmes made a post asking for help in identifying the “two racists” involved, sharing a story headlined: “White Trash Trumpers pursued after vandalizing new BLM mural.”

CREDIT: Screenshot, Nichelle Holmes Facebook

Holmes didn’t just want the pair charged with vandalism, though.

CREDIT: Screenshot, Nichelle Holmes Facebook

One of her friends suggested that the police would be able to run the license plate because she’d heard they got a great description. Holmes isn’t a big fan of the police, as we’ll see in a moment, so advocated for a public outcry to ensure “real justice” was achieved – and then said:

“We want more than a citation for vandalism.”

What does real justice include? Is it just the charge of a “hate crime” or is it more than that? And who is “we”?

Other posts on Holmes’ page show her lack of trust in the police and belief that black Americans are always racially targeted.

CREDIT: Screenshot, Nichelle Holmes Facebook

In this post she shares an anecdote about not allowing her teenaged son to hang out with other young black men, sharing:


I told them “when the police stop you (not if because I know they will be profiled)….

and ending with:

I made my son come home rather than hang out with his friends because I was too scared he would have police contact simply because he is a young black man in America. It sad but true.

Do the police officers she works with on a daily basis know that she has such a dim view of them?

Several prosecutors within Becton’s office disagree with the politically-motivated prosecution, with one telling a local newspaper, “There are no facts justifying a hate-crime (charge).” That prosecutor and others would only speak anonymously, to avoid retaliation.


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