"Momala" Harris' (Then) Teenaged Stepdaughter in Music Video Featuring Satanism, Murder

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is “Momala” to her husband Doug Emhoff’s two children, Cole and Ella. When Harris and Emhoff married in 2014 after several years of dating, Harris and the kids agreed that they didn’t like the title “stepmom” and the kids instead decided to refer to her as “Momala.”


Since Emhoff is an entertainment attorney based in Los Angeles and his ex-wife is a filmmaker, it’s not surprising to find that both kids have dabbled in acting. What is surprising, though, is that the trio of parents were seemingly okay with then-14-year-old Ella’s appearance in the video “Repeat Stuff” – a music video that starts off parodying love songs performed by “corporately owned pop stars” then, about two minutes in, becomes really creepy. Like, disturbingly satanically creepy.


Bo Burnham, a stand-up comic and independent filmmaker, is songwriter/performer/director/star of the video. His take on the inanity of corporate pop music is spot-on and pretty damn funny; it’s the addition of a storyline where a masked Burnham goes through satanic rituals, breaks into a fan’s house in the middle of the night, suffocates her, then rips her heart out and eats it that’s unnecessary and disturbing.

Huffington Post‘s review of the video explains:

“Repeat Stuff,” his just-released music video parodying pop stars, is an evolution of his hilarious stand-up bit taking singers to task for their manipulative love songs aimed at teenage girls.

Burnham said the inspiration for the song came from the destructive cycle where young girls suffer from self-esteem issues because of the magazines they read, and then get reassurance about their looks from pop stars’ lyrics about super non-specific beauty, and then turn around and buy another magazine because the star is on the cover.

“Basically, I sort of imply that he’s [Justin Bieber] working for Satan or whatever,” Burnham said of Bieber, only slightly apologetically, to laughs from the “Conan” audience.


Or whatever.

CREDIT: Screenshot, “Repeat Stuff” YouTube video

CREDIT: Screenshot, “Repeat Stuff” YouTube video

And a murderer?

CREDIT: Screenshot, “Repeat Stuff” YouTube video

Ella publicized the video on her Instagram account, writing, “Go check out Repeat Stuff by @boburnham. Spoiler I die.”

CREDIT: Instagram, Ella Emhoff

One of her friends replied, “What the f**k?” to which Ella said, “He eats my heart.” Artistic expression amongst adults is one thing; adults allowing and tacitly encouraging a young teenager to take part in this creepy and disturbing type of video is quite another.


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