CNN's Ana Navarro Hosting "Organizing Event" For Joe Biden, a Man She Said Has "Amnesia for Real"


While CNN’s website still lists political commentator Ana Navarro as a “Republican strategist,” anyone paying attention knows that she’s been infected with a particularly virulent strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome, publicly supporting shining examples of principled conservatives like Andrew Gillum (yes, the man who was found in a hotel room with a gay escort who’d OD’d on crystal meth earlier this year) and Hillary Clinton because, ew, Orange Man Bad.


Navarro’s been extremely vocal about the fact that she’s #RidinWithBiden throughout the 2020 cycle, and now she’s taking it a step further. She’ll be hosting a “virtual organizing event” and “roundtable discussion” for the Biden campaign Thursday about “the important role Florida Hispanics will play in making Donald Trump a one-term president.”

So, is that acting as a campaign surrogate or adviser? Certainly seems so. As part of the “opinion” side of the house at CNN Navarro has the right to do whatever she wants to help any candidate she wants to; she doesn’t pretend to be an unbiased commentator. However, it’s more than a little hypocritical for CNN to stay silent on the issue (they’ve not replied to The Hill’s request for comment) since they were so upset when Fox News’ Sean Hannity – a commentator, not an anchor or reporter – appeared at a Trump rally in 2016.

The headline from Oliver Darcy shouted, “‘It disturbs me to my core’: Fox News staffers express outrage over Hannity’s rally appearance.” In the piece, Darcy claimed that “Fox News employees questioned why network executives have not taken any action” and didn’t limit his criticism to Hannity. This paragraph is especially laughable (emphasis added):


Some of Fox News’ biggest names, including Hannity, the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” and Jeanine Pirro — who also appeared with Trump on stage Monday night — have turned into full-time Trump supporters on television over the past two years. Some, like Hannity, Pirro and Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs, reportedly even act as unofficial advisers to Trump at times. But Monday night’s rally crossed a new line, making explicit what had long been implicit.

As with most things liberal, the lack of self-awareness displayed in that paragraph is stunning. Far before 2016 many of CNN’s biggest names had turned into full-time Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton supporters on television, and it’s only gotten worse since then.

Navarro’s double standards or hypocrisy or inconsistency (whichever term best applies, or even all of the above) are nothing new.

When Donald Trump talks about “grabbing them by the pu**y” in a video (but not actually doing it), Navarro has the #MeToo vapors. When she heard Christine Blasey Ford’s “story” about Brett Kavanaugh, she knew she had to oppose Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination.

When a female Democratic Lt. Governor came forward with an in-depth, emotional account of Biden taking advantage of his position of power to grope her backstage before an appearance, Navarro went ballistic. From her bully pulpit on The View, Navarro essentially called Lucy Flores a liar because she didn’t say anything about it or stand up to Biden just moments before he was to take the stage and stump for her, saying:


“I am so done, done, done, done, done with this issue. We have been talking about this hyperinflated, overblown issue now for over a week….Women have to get it. The norms have changed. The dynamics have changed. If you feel your personal space is violated, say so, and say so at that moment….”

With that, Navarro became part of the media hit squad who worked to silence a courageous woman who tried to hold a lecherous old man accountable for his actions.

When Joe Biden displayed some mental confusion on the campaign trail way back in 2012, Navarro said Biden had “amnesia for real.”

Nowadays, even while Biden is creating a new word salad every week and appearing in videos that Bad Lip Reading doesn’t even have to edit before they post on their site, Navarro believes Trump is the one whose faculties aren’t all there.

If Navarro is going to have a recurring high profile role with the Biden campaign – even as just a surrogate – she should either take a leave of absence from CNN or be credited as part of the Biden campaign.



Bad Lip Reading from the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate. The verbiage sounds… familiar.


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