CA Dictator Newsom Orders Shutdowns in 19 Counties While BLM Protesters Continue to Swarm in LA

Two days after ordering bars to close in seven California counties, Gov. Gavin Newsom took the unprecedented step of ordering the immediate closure of bars, restaurants (except outdoor dining), movie theaters, museums, wineries, card rooms, and entertainment centers in 19 counties, affecting 70 percent of the state’s population.


In addition, he announced the formation of an enforcement “strike force” to keep unruly business owners in line.

Of course, the beach will be off limits over the 4th of July weekend, as Newsom is sooo concerned about people gathering in crowds.

Just a few hours later, an LAPD officer tweeted this photo from downtown Los Angeles, where a massive Black Lives Matter protest was ongoing.


The protesters, who should be happy since they’ve gotten basically everything they want from Mayor Garcetti and the ignorant City Council, continued onto the 110 Freeway.

These protests were taking place as Garcetti was holding his nightly press conference, at which he urged Angelenos to not mix with individuals from outside their household.


He also said:

“Let me make this crystal clear to any business not complying with the rules: You need to comply with all regulations. We’ll look at you and, if necessary, close you down. I’m not asking you to wear masks, I’m telling you.”

Come at us, Garcetti. Come at us.

Earlier Wednesday, pro-Palestinian protesters carried out their “Day of Rage” protest outside the Israeli Consulate in West Los Angeles.


Black Lives Matter and other groups are all over social media drumming up support for their planned protests on Saturday, July 4th.

If Newsom and Garcetti believe in their “science,” they’ll have those areas blocked off and inaccessible to protesters. But we all know that’s not what’s going to happen. The question is, will normal Californians decide to comply after watching the coddling of terrorists?


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