Woke Media Claim Black Lives Matter "Protests" Didn't Cause Coronavirus Spike, Blame Reopening Instead

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Police face off with activists during a protest march in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of the Brooklyn borough of New York on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Demonstrators took to the streets of the city to protest the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after he was pinned at the neck by a Minneapolis police officer. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)


Wuhan coronavirus cases are on the rise nationwide, but don’t you dare blame Black Lives Matter protesters. Or rioters. Or whatever you want to call them. That’s the sanctioned media narrative being pushed by Vox, Slate, Buzzfeed, NBC News, and more.

While claiming that a new cellphone GPS tracking study proves their point, the publications instead blame claim that the spikes are in states/counties that are reopening bars and restaurants so you can’t trace new cases to any protests that might have occurred in those areas. The messaging consistency here is something to behold. From Vox:

As the Black Lives Matter protests against systemic racism and police brutality picked up in late May and early June, public health experts acknowledged there was a risk the large demonstrations could lead to a rise in coronavirus cases.

Nearly a month later, Covid-19 diagnoses are climbing….But multiple analyses suggest the protests are not to blame, according to what we know so far.

So what is causing the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases, which led to the US hitting its highest number of daily new cases ever this week? Experts pointed to states reopening, particularly allowing indoor gatherings — at bars, restaurants, barbershops, workplaces, and so on — in which the coronavirus is more likely to spread.


Buzzfeed claims:

Even though the Black Lives Matter protests don’t seem to have triggered a spike in coronavirus transmission, new cases are now surging in states across the South and West of the country. For the most part, these increases started before the protests began, and seem to have been driven by efforts to reopen states’ economies and public gatherings that happened around Memorial Day weekend in late May.

And then we have this from Slate:

Nor have there been sudden surges in several other cities where large demonstrations were held, including Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed and the first protests erupted, and Philadelphia. Spikes have occurred elsewhere—especially Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California—but they coincided with the reopening of bars, restaurants, and other indoor establishments, making it hard to trace the upticks to the protests.

Well, there’s a reason for that! As we covered last week, LA County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer repeatedly told the public that if they participated in protests they should get tested for Wuhan flu, but that they wouldn’t be asked if they’d participated. Also, we know that NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio specifically instructed contact tracers not to ask those who tested positive if they’d participated in protests. This is likely the practice in other Democrat-run cities. So, the necessary data to definitively show what might cause a spike in cases was never gathered.


Despite her aversion to blaming anything on these courageous revolutionary protesters (sarcasm), Ferrer said Monday that it’s “highly likely” LA County’s recent spike in cases was due to the protests/riots. Positive coronavirus cases among LAPD officers rose 21 percent over the last week, which Chief Michel Moore said were likely caused by the “challenging conditions” his officers faced while responding to the riots.

But, yeah, let’s blame all of that on reopening of bars and restaurants. It’s easy to do when you refuse to collect the relevant data.


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