Twitter Censors, Suspends Conservative Benny Johnson for Anti-Antifa Posts

Twitter’s “censors” are still working overtime to hide what they consider content “glorifying violence,” but of course that censorship is one-sided. While dozens of accounts supportive of Black Lives Matter “protests” have regularly tweeted threats to loot and set fire to “rich” neighborhoods and worse, the censors caught up with a two-day old tweet from famed conservative meme-maker and Turning Point USA Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson cheering President Trump’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization.


On May 31 Johnson posted a tweet with the following verbiage:


…along with this photo of Johnson with lockdown protesters in Michigan:

Photo courtesy of Benny Johnson

Monday afternoon Johnson received a message from the overlords at Twitter.

Screenshot courtesy of Benny Johnson

Twitter’s censors told Johnson, “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.” because his account violated Twitter rules against “glorifying violence.”

Let that sink in a minute. Twitter is taking the time to censor an account “threatening” to defend innocent people and businesses against terrorist activity, accusing the owner of “glorifying violence,” while thousands of Antifa sympathizers use that platform to plot violence and theft against entire cities and towns simply on the basis of the racial or economic makeup of those cities and towns?

Anti-American. To regain access to his account, Johnson had to delete the “offensive” tweet and is relegated to Twitmo for 12 hours. In the meantime, he had words for Jack Dorsey and Twitter. In a statement to RedState, Johnson said:

After President Trump rightfully declared Antifa a terrorist organization, I posted a photo with law-abiding, peaceful protesters who were constitutionally carrying in Michigan. I posted this photo to demonstrate the stark difference between peaceful protesters standing against anarchy and the violent, fascist Antifa cowards who assault women, the elderly, and gay journalists. This no doubt offended the dozens of Antifa members that Twitter proudly employs, so they did what Antifa terrorists do best, silence the free speech of their political enemies. I suppose I should be thankful though, the Antifa Twitter employees could have thrown a brick at me and set me on fire like their comrades have done to many, many cities in America. So I consider myself blessed.


Wow. The truth hurts.


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