Michigan Rep. Karen Whitsett Tells Trump She's Filed a Lawsuit Against Gretchen Whitmer

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State Rep. Karen Whitsett speaks during a listening session with President Donald Trump and African-American leaders at Ford’s Rawsonville Components Plant that has been converted to making personal protection and medical equipment, Thursday, May 21, 2020, in Ypsilanti, Mich. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Trump met with state and national African-American faith leaders and legislators (a poke in Joe Biden’s eye, since Joe’s been so vocal about how “black voters” love him) during his trip to Ypsilanti, Michigan Thursday to hear their thoughts about what Michigan’s black community needs.

One legislator in attendance was state Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit), who famously credited Trump for saving her life by advocating for the use of hydrodxychloroquine to treat the Wuhan flu. After she went public with her praise – which wasn’t political in any way – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sent her nasty texts in an attempt to shame her from straying from the “Orange Man Bad” narrative.

Trump gave Whitsett an opportunity to make a few comments, and she took full advantage of the chance to advocate for her community on national television:

“I am truly honored and humbled to be before you right now, to be able to discuss some of the issues that have transpired in my community. I thank Dr. Carson for pointing out some of the most troubling things that we do have going on in the community, but you have started working on these things long before now, and I do, Mr. President, give you a lot of credit for that, and I thank you for it.

We as a community have been struggling and, as you know, our poverty level is extremely high in the area, and everyone is not meant to go to college. So one of the things I would like to point out is that training is a necessity and a need, as John has mentioned. That is something that is imperative for the community.  If we have proper training, then we can change our renters into homeowners. We can change the dynamic of my community that I have been in since 1969….

I know that our community can change. I know what it can go back to. I know how wonderful it was before, and I know what it can grow back into being. If we can turn renters into homeowners, if we can put the dollar back into the community, if we can change the lives of single mothers that are struggling to make ends meet, which we have been doing with food distribution, but food distribution is not the end-all.

We don’t want to stay where people are asking for things constantly. We want people to stand on their own two feet and be resilient within their own community and take pride in that….

I would love to see a historical black college in the city of Detroit. I think that would be amazing, and I think you’re just the president to make that happen….


Whitsett better prepare for another set of angry texts from Gretchen Whitmer, because those philosophies don’t align with today’s Democrat party. It sounds like she could be the next Democrat to #WalkAway.

It was Whitsett’s P.S. that will really set Whitmer off, though.

Whitsett told Trump:

“I also took a note from you, and so I actually filed a lawsuit to the governor today as well, so I thought that you would like to know that.”

Trump replied:

“Very good.”

Whitsett did not expand on what the lawsuit claims, but we’ll certainly hear more about that.


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