It's Not Just Orange County - Thousands Protest Shutdown in Downtown LA and Ventura

As Kira Davis reported, Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach was filled with protesters Friday – but that wasn’t the only city in California where large-scale protests against the continued shutdown took place. Coordinated protests were already planned throughout the state for May 1, and Newsom did organizers the favor of really riling up the populace the day before. In addition to the fact that people really need to get back to work and be able to do things like get their teeth cleaned or receive preventative and necessary medical care, Democrats and Republicans alike see that Newsom’s order to close beaches in Orange County only is a gross overreach.

Downtown LA Reopen CA Protest, May 1, 2020. Photo Credit: Alyssa Selogie

At the beginning of the year no one would have predicted such a crowd in downtown Los Angeles protesting against Gavin Newsom and government overreach?

The LAPD went on record as supporting the protection of First Amendment rights.

While some reopen protests have been criticized by those on the left as “Trump” or “MAGA” rallies, organizers of May Day reopen rallies went to great lengths to emphasize that the protests were nonpartisan and focused on state and constitutional issues. For the most part participants stuck to that, and their signs reflected themes of constitutional rights, facts over fear, and expressing a desire to get back to work and school.

Downtown LA Reopen CA protest. Photo Credit: Alyssa Selogie

Ventura County Reopen CA protest, May 1, 2020. Photo Credit: Christina Orta

Ventura County Reopen CA protest, May 1, 2020. Photo Credit: Christina Orta

Ventura County Reopen CA Protest, May 1, 2020. Photo Credit: Christina Orta

Ventura County was one of the counties Newsom specifically mentioned Monday when he said he might have to take “more aggressive” measures to enforce his will against the people. Portions of Ventura County (home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library) are still very conservative, and Newsom’s scolding didn’t go over well with county residents. They turned out in force to demand that they be able to go back to work and school.

Protests were also held in San Francisco and Sacramento, where numerous protesters were arrested and literally dragged away by police. Protests in Orange County will continue over the weekend, and Kira Davis is reporting that Newsom is planning to send California Highway Patrol officers to Orange County beaches to enforce his orders since Orange County law enforcement officers have publicly said they are not going to arrest or cite people who are simply enjoying the beach and following social distancing guidelines.