Grassley: Looks Like Mueller Had Newest DOJ/FBI Docs on Flynn

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Earlier this week former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr demanding that the Department of Justice unseal all documents recently given to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s legal team as a result of an independent review of the case by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein had resisted Congressional oversight of the investigation and told Grassley that the Senate Judiciary Committee should just be satisfied with the guilty plea entered by Flynn and leave the case alone, as Bonchie covered.


Now we know that at least one smoking gun document exists proving that the FBI’s goal was to frame Flynn so he could be fired or convicted. Grassley’s calls for transparency grew louder, as they should.

Thursday morning, Grassley pointed out a stamp on the bottom of the FBI agent’s handwritten note released Wednesday – a Bates stamp indicating that the document was part of the Special Counsel’s Office file.

See, there it is – bottom, right-hand side.

Grassley pointed out that many of his colleagues are rightly calling for the prosecution of people who violated Flynn’s constitutional rights, but maintains that it’s more important for the whole country to know HOW Flynn’s rights were violated “so this FBI abuse won’t be repeated again on someone else,” and called upon AG Barr to intervene and free Flynn.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the current Senate Judiciary Committee chair, is just as incensed as Grassley is, according to his media appearances and social media feed. A Senate Judiciary Committee investigation needs to be opened immediately, coronavirus shutdown be damned. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Watch Grassley’s appearance on Fox Business Wednesday night, where he said Flynn had been railroaded.


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