Man Who OD'd in Hotel Room With Andrew Gillum Is a Well-Known Gay Escort

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Early Friday morning, former Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s “friend,” Travis Dyson, overdosed on crystal meth in a Miami Beach hotel room and was rushed to the hospital by rescue personnel. Gillum was too intoxicated to communicate with investigators at the time, but later returned to “his residence” on his own accord. Fortunately Dyson was on the mend as of Friday afternoon, as our Brad Slager reported.


Gillum released a statement saying that he was in Miami for a wedding (without his wife), and when Dyson was reached at the hospital by a reporter for the Miami New Times he confirmed that the two had been friends “for a while” but that Gillum hadn’t mentioned anything about a wedding.

Well, what was going on? We’ve found a few clues. As reported initially, Dyson rented the hotel room for himself and Aldo Mejias, who resides in Miami Beach. Gillum was reportedly staying at the Kimpton Epic in Miami, which is essentially across the street from the address in Brickell reported as Dyson’s apartment in the police report. Why did they need another hotel room?

The Miami Herald confirmed that an Instagram profile reported to RedState as belonging to the Travis Dyson who had been in the hotel room with Gillum indeed belonged to that Travis Dyson.

According to public records, Dyson is a registered nurse who lives in Brickell. His Instagram account features selfies in scrubs and a medical coat. The page also features numerous photos of Dyson, clearly a body builder, posing on the beach, on boats or at night spots with friends, including his fiance. His public Instagram account was turned private sometime Friday afternoon.

Dyson’s Instagram handle is also linked to a profile on Rent Men, where he described himself as “Brodie Scott,” “pornstar performer” who offered “gay massage.” Multiple pornographic videos of Dyson and his boyfriend/fiance, (Instagram handle @lvbrazil), were posted to that site and even to Twitter. (Note: Those links are very NSFW.) Those have all been deleted as of Friday afternoon. On a fan thread referencing Dyson’s Rent Men profile, there is a photo of Dyson in his scrubs.


The man in whose name the hotel room was rented, Aldo Mejias, is also a medical professional, a pathologist whose license to practice medicine in Florida expired January 31, 2019. According to the Florida Department of Health website, an Aldo Mejias with the same email address listed on the police report (honeyhammock at emailprovider-dot-com, for real) had privileges at Palm Springs General Hospital and Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. The police report said that Mejias is the one who called 911 then performed chest compressions on Dyson, who was apparently having a heart attack, while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive. While Mejias was saving Dyson’s life, CNN Contributor Andrew Gillum was vomiting in the bathroom.

Indeed, as Brad noted earlier, there continue to be more questions than answers.


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