Trump Calls for Unity; NeverTrumpers and Acosta, Stelter Reply in Their Usual Fashion

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President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office Wednesday night, updating the country on the Wuhan virus pandemic and announcing the implementation of new travel restrictions and proposed measures to help Americans physically and financially during the crisis. As my colleague Sarah Lee covered, Trump urged unity and asked that we put partisanship aside.


If you guessed that liberals and the NeverTrump/Bulwark/Ahoy! crew didn’t miss a beat in their constant drumbeat of illogical criticism, you’d be correct.

Resident Expert Tom Nichols offered his take on the President’s body language.

Massive loser Joe Walsh attempted a dunk, but fell flat on his face.

Trump hadn’t even finished giving the speech when the cries of racism and xenophobia started coming from the left. For extra measure, they labeled it a “new travel ban” in hopes of linking it in the public’s mind to their successful “Muslim travel ban” lie.


Air America alum Ana Marie Cox asked a serious question, wondering if Trump *thinks* people in the UK are more white than the rest of Europe, and if that’s the reason the UK was exempted from the travel restrictions?

Oh, no. Trump matter-of-factly stated that the virus “started in China.” Therefore, it is a “foreign virus.”

And? That’s hard-hitting Journalism, Mr. Dupree.

Obviously, the “travel ban” is racism, as WIRED’s Director of Audience Management explains. He takes it a step further, contending it furthers many of Trump’s devious plans.


Everyone’s favorite CNN personality, Jim Acosta, who probably thinks that “a lot of Americans” don’t know the meaning of the word xenophobia, nonetheless asserts that those Americans will believe that a mention of the virus’s country of origin “smack[s] of xenophobia.”

But it wasn’t so xenophobic back on January 23rd, as Townhall’s Storm Paglia points out.


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