Don't Gloss Over Yet Another Display of Joe Biden's Misogyny

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Video of Joe Biden cursing at a factory worker (and possibly challenging him to “go outside” with him) during a campaign stop in Detroit Tuesday quickly went viral as today’s example of why Biden should never be POTUS. While the video perfectly displays Biden’s inability to hear criticism, his elitism, and his cognitive decline, it also perfectly displays Biden’s misogyny.


Biden was accompanied on today’s visit by a female aide whose job it was to essentially keep the candidate from doing something stupid or otherwise earning negative publicity (an impossible task, really). As soon as Biden told the auto worker, “You’re full of s**t,” the aide did her job. She cut in, saying, “All right, thank you,” and attempted to move the candidate along.

Biden wasn’t having any of that. He immediately shushed her – and this wasn’t any regular shush. It was an extra level of patronizing, misogynistic shushing. He fully turned his body toward her, raised his hand, and loudly said, “No, shush,” then paused while he glared at the staffer. Biden’s stink eye was meant to intimidate her and say, “Go ahead and speak. We’ll see what happens if you forget your place again.” Satisfied that the woman had gotten the message, Biden repeated his command. “Shush.”

The shushing was visible and noted in the original video, but is even more damning from an eye-level view video that was taken by another auto worker and posted to Twitter a few hours later.


Of course, the usual suspects are selectively editing the video to attempt to make Biden look good, as my colleague Nick Arama covered.

Alyssa Milano, who’s normally right there to call out misogyny and patriarchal culture, seemed to have completely missed that part of the video.

Oh yeah. Biden’s not a Republican.

In Biden’s world women have two purposes, one of which is to make a sammich. As much as MSNBC and Alyssa Milano would like to continue to gloss over his Mad Men-era sensibilities, Creepy Uncle Joe just won’t let that happen.


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