Another Day, Another Gaffe: Biden Mixes Up His Sister and His Wife

An elated Joe Biden took the stage in Los Angeles Tuesday night after a surprising Super Tuesday showing to greet his supporters and, well, crow about his performance. Not three sentences into his speech, though, the gaffe machine roared to life.


Standing at the podium with his wife, Jill, standing behind him and to his right, and his sister, Valerie, standing behind him and to his left, he said, “Well, they don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothin’!” Then, introducing the ladies, he turned toward Jill and said, “This is my little sister, Valerie, and I’m Jill’s husband. No, wait – this is my wife!”

As he realized his mistake, he claimed, “They switched on me!”

But did they?

In this video with a slightly longer introduction, just before starting with a, “Hello, hello, hello, hello,” Biden’s body is facing Jill, and he’s looking right at her. He starts the speech, then grabs Jill’s hand before he introduces her as his little sister.


Anyone who’s given a speech more than one time has flubbed their words at one time or another. It happens. The more troubling part of this episode is that Biden was clearly looking right at his wife moments before introducing her as his sister, and was even holding her hand. Biden’s inability to grasp where he is, who’s with him, and what he’s doing at any given time should be a major concern to voters and to the people who are pushing him to continue this race.


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