Even Ted Lieu is Complaining About LA County's New Voting Machines

House Television via AP

As we covered over the weekend, Los Angeles County is debuting new touchscreen voting machines at vote centers throughout the county during an 11-day early voting period. The security and accuracy of the machines is in question after the system “failed more than 40 California voting system standards,” but Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) brought up another system issue to the world’s attention today.


People on the conservative side of the aisle might not think it’s such a problem, though.

And – bonus points – it’s not just Ted.

Apparently Democrats Jimmy Gomez and Lucille Roybal-Allard are also affected by this feature bug.

The issue was first noted by the City of Beverly Hills in a lawsuit it filed in January seeking an injunction, seeking to prevent the system’s use:

Under the new system, dubbed Voting Solutions for All People, or VSAP, only four candidates appear on the touch screen at a time. To view additional candidates, voters must select the “MORE” button. However, if voters inadvertently press the “NEXT” button instead, Beverly Hills officials warn, they won’t see all the candidates in a particular race.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Superior Court, seeks to force Los Angeles County to modify the system to ensure that all candidates are acknowledged by voters. If the suit is successful, the county would be barred from using VSAP for the upcoming primary election — a move that could affect more than 4 million registered voters.


Who wants to bet on how long it’ll take LA County to decide that the results obtained from these machines are not reliable?


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