"The Five" Eviscerate Dems Over Iowa Caucus Failures

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After the Iowa Democratic Party’s absolute failure Monday, both Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters took them to task at the start of Tuesday’s “The Five,” which aired immediately after the party released partial caucus results and attempted to explain what happened and inspire confidence in the integrity of the eventual results.


Gutfeld led:

This was the Democrats’ 1st day of school and they showed up in their underwear, and then they proceeded to throw up on everybody.

I have a thing called Gutfeld’s law. Republicans run things; Democrats ruin things. The one difference is the I, which for four years stood for impeachment. They were so consumed by an outside phantom from Moscow that they failed to realize that the phone call was actually coming from within their own house, that they had issues.

They had four years – four years – to figure this out, and they didn’t. I mean, they should have listened to Joe Biden and learned how to code, because this is so embarrassing. It just shows you that Dems can’t run anything. They can’t run cities. They can’t run websites. They ruined cars for clunkers. They ruined Puerto Rico disaster relief. They can’t run anything.”

Dana Perino tried to somewhat change the direction but was unsuccessful as Watters continued.

Apology not accepted. I don’t think that guy exuded confidence….

I actually can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I feel sorry for Democrats. I do. I feel sorry for the voters in Iowa because…they got robbed. They got robbed by a crooked firm. Literally the firm that did the app was run by Hillary Clinton staffers. They didn’t need the app, and the app didn’t work. They got paid to roll the app out anyway, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank because they still get to keep the money. They didn’t vet it. They say they tested it. They didn’t roll it out by DHS. And then they said, “Oh, DHS never offered.” we’ll see about that, because I bet there’s a paper trail for that.

And Greg is right. This is why Trump was elected, because powerful people don’t deliver results for the American people. And Democrats, above everything else, they have to be competent, and they have to be more competent, because their entire agenda is put us in charge…because we know how to do it better than you. And when something like this happens and they faceplant, that destroys their entire brand.

And I’m sick of hearing the mainstream media mock Trump supporters for being dumb hillbillies. They can’t read a map. They can’t even read. Making fun of Donald Trump misspelling something on twitter. And they go out and they do something so catastrophically stupid it blows up their entire brand of these brilliant sophisticated elites that understand technology. Republicans don’t believe in science, remember, but these guys have it all under control. Please.


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