Reporter Who Went After Midshipmen Admits He's Wrong, But Says It's Trump's Fault

FILE - In this Dec. 14, 2019 file photo, Navy midshipmen march onto field ahead of an NCAA college football game between the Army and the Navy in Philadelphia. A military investigation finds that hand gestures used by cadets and midshipmen during the Army-Navy game broadcast had nothing to do with white supremacy. The investigation, which included interviews and background checks, determined that two freshmen were taking part in a “sophomoric” game that had “no racist intent.” (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Late Friday the United States Naval Academy released a report concluding that “hand gestures seen at the Army-Navy game were part of the ‘circle game’ and not a white supremacist symbol.”


No s**t.

The findings resulted in a predictable chorus of “DUH” directed at the Woke Brigade on Twitter, and spawned one tweet with a few surprising elements. Dan Rodricks of the Baltimore Sun said:

Two momentous things occurred in this tweet.

First, a mainstream media guy admits that “they” were wrong about something. He said, “Our dark suspicions about this were wrong.” Whoa. While most of us never believed it anyway, there was the very real possibility that this investigation “they” succeeded in having opened could have ruined the lives/careers of these young people – a possibility Rodricks openly hoped for.

As Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards said (LANGUAGE WARNING):


Edwards tweeted:

“I really try not to curse on here but f**k every last person who tried to destroy the careers and lives of these midshipmen because they’re addicted to the endorphin rush that comes from being a part of the angry mob.”

While careers and lives were not ruined, unfortunately the rage mob succeeded in cementing the reputation of this symbol as “white supremacist” and forcing cadets to undergo “training,” as outlined in a final report in which 43 students were interviewed (and probably scared sh**less), and the two midshipmen upon whom the investigation was focused having undergone background checks by both the NCIS and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“Both midshipmen exhibited genuine shock and surprise by the entire situation and credibly stated that they were previously unaware of the racist connotation that was recently associated with the gesture. Both midshipmen adamantly denied supporting or having any association with the “white power” movement or having any ill intent when displaying the gesture. Their denials are supported by the statements of their friends, roommates, members of their chain of command, and team captains who unanimously stated that they have never heard any of the midshipmen involved make a racial or derogatory comment and have never seen or heard about any concerning behavior by any of the midshipmen involved. Background checks by both the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for both midshipmen did not reveal any known association with any racist or supremacist group or raise any other cause for concern.

“We are confident the hand gestures used were not intended to be racist in any way. However, we are disappointed by the immature behavior of the two fourth-class midshipmen, and their actions will be appropriately addressed. The Naval Academy is fully committed to preparing young men and women to become professional officers of competence, character, and compassion in the US Navy and Marine Corps; in this case, we recognize there is more work to be done.”


The other momentous portion of Rodricks’ tweet was that it showed a twinge of the ability to self-reflect. Unfortunately, he was smugly asking others to reflect for him, with a pre-determined answer.

But ask yourself: Why did we think the worst? One of the reasons is still living in the White House.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Rodricks blamed his insane takes on Trump! Trump! Trump!

No, that’s not the reason you thought the worst, Mr. Rodricks. Perhaps you should ask YOURSELF why you thought the worst instead of asking all of us why and then telling us there’s only one right answer?

It’s Friday night, so here’s a thought. Maybe unplug social media, pop open a Zima, crank up The Cure and Depeche Mode, read some old journals, and try to figure out who hurt you so badly that you look for signs of racism and un-wokeness when there are none and think it’s fun to try to ruin the lives of students in our service academies – who are preparing to potentially give their lives for your freedom – who are young enough to be your children.


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