Exclusive Video From Cenk Uygur Event Shows He Doesn't Know the Names of #SaugusHS Victims

Cenk Uygur announced his candidacy for California’s 25th Congressional District on November 14 – hours after a school shooting within the district, at Saugus High School…


… so we shouldn’t be surprised that his first campaign event was held at the Old Saugus Cafe just hours before a community-wide vigil was to be held to honor the victims and give comfort to the community.

Victims whose names Cenk can’t recall without looking at his phone.

Video obtained by RedState captures an exchange between two local progressives and Uygur in which he’s asked about local environmental issues and about the shooting and vigil, and whether he’s there to appropriate the community’s grief.

MAN: I’m a little curious. You’re familiar with our recent tragedy that just happened?

CENK: The shooting, of course.

MAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, how are you grieving with us on this particular issue?

CENK: So I’m here today. I’m gonna go to the vigil. I’m just gonna sit in the back…In terms of how I grieve, I get mad, and I fight back. So on day one —

MAN: But what about the parents of the students that died? Do you know the name of the students that died in the school?

CENK: I do, but..

MAN: What are their names?

CENK: [Inaudible] what I’m not gonna do is … and pretend that [Inaudible]

MAN: So are you saying that you don’t —

CENK: I do, but brother…

MAN: What’s the name of the students?


CENK: So if I say to you —

MAN: Without looking on your phone.

Pwned! Uygur then blathers on in politician speak for a minute until a woman brings him back around to the issue at hand.

WOMAN: Are you going to the vigil tonight? Oh, you are, okay. Are you here to appropriate our grief?

CENK: No. I’m here to sit in the back.

WOMAN: Because of all the days for you to be in our community, of all the days for you to be in our community, today is our vigil…I’ve been chasing reporters and news vans off of my street, because Gracie Muehlberger is my neighbor and she was killed on Thursday. So now I have to come and chase congressional candidates out of my house.

CENK: So, look guys, it’s — again, people are upset and it’s right to ask questions, and thank you for bringing that up. And I want to come back to you on the environmental issues…

Wow. Nice deflection. But it got worse. Apparently Uygur didn’t know where the vigil was either, and his supporters got a little salty when the locals pressed him. Saugus resident Mai Nguyen Do tweeted:

Ignorance is one thing. Rudeness is another.



Oh, but, hey, he knows their names. He tweeted them a few hours later!

Local progressive activists didn’t take well to an outsider lecturing them – many of whom had children who attended Saugus HS or the nearby middle and elementary schools – in a time of grief and community solidarity.

I’ve noted on Twitter and in previous articles that while CA-25 is Hollywood adjacent, they bristle when condescended to by Hollywood types. Looks like Cenk Uygur is about to find that out the hard way.

DISCLAIMERS: I am a conservative, a registered Republican who is sometimes paid to provide strategy and communications consulting to Republican campaigns. I have not worked on any campaign for a candidate in CA-25 since 2014. Cenk Uygur’s company, The Young Turks, recently branded me as a revenge porn peddler.


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