Katie Hill Paid Alleged (Male) Lover a Campaign Win Bonus; Stiffed Throuple Partner

Uploaded 10/27/19 by JVL, from Rep. Katie Hill facebook

As a millennial female candidate, Katie Hill made women’s issues and ending the patriarchy a big focus of her campaign.


Her throuple partner, who also served as the Hill campaign’s Operations Director, wrote an essay on Medium addressing the wage gap issue and other issues women face in the workforce (emphasis added):

As a young woman in the workforce, I have faced many challenges. Being taken as seriously as my male counterparts, not being heard in meetings, harassment.

One of the reasons I work with Katie Hill, and why as a resident of the 25th District, I am so excited to vote for her in June, is because I know Katie will make tackling these issues a top priority. Katie cares about women and families, has experience working with people in poverty to provide them with the tools they need to succeed, and perhaps most importantly, has the will and the courage to fight for people who for far too long have had their needs go unnoticed. Katie has what it takes to take on the big issues like pay equity, solve the problem at its core, and change lives.

Does she really have “what it takes to take on the big issues like pay equity”? A look at her own pay practices is instructive.

FEC reports reveal that Graham Kelly was paid $5,100 by the campaign in April 2019 as a “2018 election bonus for his services as Finance Director.” Hill paid five staffers bonuses, but Kelly and his then-roommate/campaign manager, Zack Czajkowski, were given the highest bonuses. Deputy campaign manager Benjamin Steinberger was given a $3,600 bonus.


Female staffers Kassandra King (Deputy Communications Director)and Hannah Nayowith (Deputy Finance Director), who both went on to work for Hill in Washington D.C., were given the lowest bonuses – $2,700 for King and $3,150 for Nayowith.

Conspicuously absent from the list of staffers receiving 2018 election bonuses from the Hill campaign is Hill’s Operations Director/throuple partner.

Katie “cares about women” yet her top staffers were all men, and they all received significantly larger election bonuses. The woman Hill was sleeping with was completely shafted.

How’s that for wage equality?

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