With Mueller's Testimony, Dems Blew Their 2020 Juice

Uploaded 7/24/19 by JVL, screenshot from video/tweet embedded in story.

In terms of political strategy, today’s testimony from Robert Mueller decimated the Democrats’ main narrative for the 2020 election cycle. As many RedState contributors have noted, Mueller’s performance was horrible. He seemed to not comprehend a number of questions, was either inept or extremely forgetful, and it was clear that he was not the main author of the report. Though Nancy Pelosi and her bumbling sidekicks are at this very moment promising that an impeachment inquiry must happen, Streiff correctly posited that that dream is over.


Perhaps worse for the Democrats, they can no longer use the Mueller investigation/report/Russia hoax as the drum they beat throughout the 2020 election cycle. It was a massive miscalculation and broke the rule any attorney knows by heart: Unless you’re 100 percent confident about what the answer will be – and it’s one which serves your case – don’t ask the question.

By asking the questions, Democrats took away the unknown. They took away the, “Well, the DOJ and Trump are keeping us from knowing what Mueller really knows, and you have to elect us to keep this bad orange man from literally destroying the world!” narrative. The entire country has now seen that it’s a politically-driven nothingburger.

To be sure, since the Democrats now control the House they had to do something to force Mueller to testify. The Squad and the Justice Democrats wing of the party forced that course of action. Now, they essentially must press forward on impeachment since the Mueller Report punted to Congress. If they don’t press forward on impeachment, they’re essentially admitting they know that everything they’ve said for the past two and a half years is bulls**t. With a number of Dems in swing districts unable to vote for impeachment, even that will likely fail, and will only make the shriekers look even more unhinged.


At one time it seemed like the GOP had a monopoly on the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but the Squad-driven Democrat party is giving them a run for their money.


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