Andy Ngo's Attorney Plans to "Sow Salt" Into Antifa's "Yoga Studios and Avocado Toast Stands"

Uploaded 7/1/19 by JVL, from Andy Ngo tweet embedded in story.

Journalist Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted in Portland on Saturday as the city’s police officers, failing to protect him or others attacked that day, tweeted. Bonchie initially covered the attack, which left Ngo with a brain bleed after being hit with “milkshakes” containing liquid concrete and other chemicals, hit by men wearing “assault gloves,” and kicked in the kneecap.


Ngo has been a frequent target of Antifa and has been attacked by its members before. Fortunately Ngo now has legal representation, and his attorney has put Antifa on notice, tweeting that she “plan[s] to sue [them] into oblivion” and then some.

On Saturday, the day of the attack, she first began tweeting about the case.

Later that night, as more information came to light, the tweets became more pointed. When the words “criminal conspiracy” and “criminal enterprise” enter the conversation, it’s safe to assume that s**t is about to get real.


She even called out the US Department of Justice, requesting that they act.

Dhillon calls it what it is – felony assault.

Since neither the “mainstream” media or Portland officials will call out those excusing Antifa, Dhillon is doing it herself.


Dhillon is not some opportunistic ambulance chaser. She’s taken on Antifa before, and has won. She has a knowledge of who the players are behind Antifa and is a relentless, bulldog attorney. If there’s one person who can finally get authorities to take action against Antifa, it’s Harmeet Dhillon. This could be the game changer.


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