Insufferable Krassenstein Bros Perma-Banned; Get Ready for Tin-Foil Hat Theories

“Resistance” Twitter bros (literally and attitudinally) Ed and Brian Krassenstein have been permanently banned from Twitter after it was determined that they were in violation of the Twitter Rules of Service, according to the Daily Beast.


“The Twitter Rules apply to everyone,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement. “Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.

Unlike the stunt the brothers pulled over the weekend, deactivating their accounts voluntarily for about five hours in a strange effort to shame their followers for paying too much attention to social media, this disappearance will be permanent or “for life.”

While many will find their disappearance enhances the Twitter experience, their Resistance fans see Russian fingerprints all over it.

In recent days both Krassensteins had been tweeting about alleged extortion of Qatar by Jared Kushner and President Trump, building on “bombshell” allegations they’d first written about in March at their “news” site, Hill Reporter. Their perma-ban, no matter how justified, will only solidify their martyr status with the TDS-infected segment of society.



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